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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happiness In The Little Things

Here are 11 simple things that make me happy:
  1. The first sip from a freshly opened, ice cold can of soda.
  2. Finding one last piece of chocolate when I thought they were all gone.
  3. Chubby-armed hugs from the kiddos.
  4. Reading a scripture and really understanding what it means.
  5. Having a book that is soooo good, I can't put it down; not to fix meals, wipe noses, or go to the bathroom.
  6. Being able to put my perpetually cold feet on the Man's nice, warm legs.
  7. Gladiolus blooming in front of my house.
  8. Finding a really cool geocache.
  9. Ordering dessert when eating out.
  10. Hearing the Man tell me he thinks I'm beautiful.
  11. Having someone call me just to say hello.

What makes you happy?


Kristie said...

Great post!! I really love watching my kids sing and dance with the children's hymns on Sunday mornings!!! The tender moments make life worthwhile!!!

Amanda said...

Loved the post also:) Hummmm.....a simple kiss and "I love you" from P can make getting out of bed at 7 am okay:) I agree it's all those small little things that touch our hearts and souls that makes life worth living!

Jessica G. said...

I could have written an entire book out of the little things that make me happy but I had to limit it somehow. Still, the things you guys have mentioned are great, too!

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