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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Worship Me Day

It's a good birthday today because:

  1. I had a real date last night. We went to a really fancy restaurant I've been wanting to try since moving to this state.
  2. We walked around the MOA.
  3. Picked up something special for breakfast,.
  4. Then we came home, where the Man made me a milkshake (his are way better than any ice cream shop).
  5. It's all cold and rainy today and I just LOVE this kind of weather!
  6. The man let me sleep in this morning until 11! (Just ask my sister...she called and woke me up.)
  8. I got a lot of mail, which included PRESENTS!, my bracelet, a prize, and a notice from the dentist that it's time for my next check-up. I love mail!
  9. We had Costa Vida for dinner (for those of you outside Happy Valley, it's like Chipotle...but better.)
  10. And? It's bedtime for the kids!


Kristie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I am glad that you had a good day today!!!!!!

Debi said...

Happy Birthday to you..... Happy Birthday to y0000uuuuuu.....Happy BIRTHDAY dear Jessieeeee, Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU!!! Okay, not only don't I know what costa vide is...I don't even know what Chipolte is! In spite of that, I am happy you are another year older and deeper in debt (just kidding...I'm in a crazy mood after so much celebrating around here...:) Glad you had a nice day!

Amanda said...

YEAH! I am glad your day turned out so well!!!! IF I ever go to stay in bed till 11 that would be present enough! But since I doubt my body would be able to do that....I guess it's okay that I would never get to:(

The Slothower Family said...

Happy Birthday, I'm glad you had a great day, there is no one whe deserves it more!

Kelly said...

Jessiemadoodle, I hope you had a great Birthday Sweetie!!!!!!! Yes, you're another year older than me :)

Hollywood said...

A late Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad your CD got there in time. So Krispy Creme for breakfast and milkshakes for lunch? Sounds like the perfect day!

Emily said...

I still think it was indecent and almost gluttonous to still be in bed when I called!

(and yes I may be a bit jealous, but not a whole lot, really)

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