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Friday, September 7, 2007

Latest Project

Sorry for the lack of regular posts lately. I've been busy. Wanna see?

I made this one for someone special (so don't tell her, okay?) and liked it so much that I'm making another one for me!

It's also my first try doing pockets inside. It worked pretty well. Next one, I am going to try a magnetic closure. This pattern I got from a HFPE class I took on making purses. Originally, I made an oriental-themed purse with a beautiful gold silky material, embroidered with butterflies.

I loved that purse so much that I made three more for my sisters. And da Boo asked if I would make her one so I made a little purse for her. And yes, that is the new green color of my kitchen. My parents painted it for us while we were in London as a surprise. I love it! It's so nice to have color on the walls around here!


Amanda said...

You are SO TALENTED!!!!!! Cakes and sewing...what next????? Those are adorable!!!! SERIOUSLY! I see and E-bay store in your future:) And I LOVE the color on your wall in the kitchen:) So far I have only done the one Living Room wall and I have 4 more to go......I hate painting, but I love the results! I want to see pictures of your whole house & your cool painted kids rooms! I want to picture where you live:) Pretty Please???

Emma said...


I NEED THAT PATTERN!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!?!?!?!? FYI I didn't know you could sew. Find new things about about friends everyday. Good job completing your projects. I tend to plan them but never finish them.

Kelly said...

OMG, I love the purses. Jessie you are just so multi talented girl. I wish I could get into a crafty mood. Keeping up with a mobile baby is hard enough.

Jessica G. said...

Emma-I can email you the pattern, if you really want it. Sound good?

Amanda-eBay? I dunno...can you sell a cake on eBay? :0

Kelly-I have spare time now but pretty soon I will be entering the black hole that is potty training! And I want to see more pictures of your baby...it's gonna be her birthday soon. Can't believe it's almost been a year.

Amanda said...

Jessie----LOL! you know I was talking about the purses!!!! Make them bigger and it could be a diaper bag:)

Kristie said...

Those are REALLY cute!! I am feeling sorry for your little walking person on the side bar! :) She has been stuck at 5 miles for a while it seems!!! :) (Not that I am doing any walking so I really don't have room to talk!)

Emma said...

sounds great! do you have my email? THANK YOU!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Emma - should be in your email! Hope it works for you and I would love to see the finished results!

Kristie - Q's little sister's college stuff has been blocking my treadmill! But it's mostly gone now and I think the rest of the stuff can go to the basement. I hope to get her moving again soon!

Emma said...

Thank you!!!

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