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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

FHE: Anger Giants

We didn't really have FHE last night. Now, before you pelt me with broken crayons from the bottom of your sacrament totes, I have a reason: I was on drugs. Yup. Was all light-headed and nauseated, too. Well, the light-headed stuff kinda goes with being an airhead but it felt like I was always leaning to one side which is just...weird! And the reason why I was on drugs? I fell down the stairs. No big deal, right? Shoot, the Boy does that once a week and it doesn't faze him anymore. But the boy also does not have a metal shoulder which he shouldn't use to try and catch himself should he ever start to fall. So I hurt my shoulder, my bum, my left shin, and my pride. Mostly, it was the shoulder. Couldn't speak clearly for about five minutes for fear that I would start swearing.

For FHE, we didn't have an opening prayer or song but I did put in a video for the kids, ordered pizza and let them eat it while sitting on the living room floor. Daring, I know, but remember -completely drugged.

The video was Junior's Giants. I've seen it at Desert Book and it looked cute. This one was checked out from the library. It's "a modern David and Goliath...kinda." Junior keeps having temper tantrums and can't control his anger, which starts to manifest as a Scottish giant (and is highly bewildering to one on pain killers). Whenever, Junior loses his temper, the giant gets bigger. Finally, Junior's mom and dad sit him down for a "talk" about his temper. They read him a couple scriptures, one about how the things of God are patient, kind and loving. That's when Junior decides he can defeat the giant not with his fists but with kindness. And it works! The giant is too small to have any effect on Junior. There are also side stories about girl scout cookies and a toilet.

The Boy got a little scared during the video but da Boo really liked it. We talked about it afterward, and about how throwing tantrums doesn't help but talking about our problems and showing a little kindness can really go a long way. Today when da Boo started to lose it over something trivial, I asked her how big her anger giant was and that completely threw her. She forgot to be mad and instead asked if she could watch the video again.

In other news: the Man left me. He's riding a mountain bike with his dad somewhere down in Moab. And he took the camera so I can't post any pictures of the Boy on his tricycle until the weekend. That should give you something to look forward to, right?


Kristie said...

Sounds like a good show!! I am SO SORRY that you got hurt!! That is not fun at all! I am with you in the drugged up department. At least I can just sit around and let Barth take care of it all when I feel woozy! I hope that the man has fun but gets home soon to take care of you!!!!!!

Amanda said...

man....that is HORRIBLE that you hurt your shoulder:( The man needs to get home pronto and nurse you back to health! I can not take any type of drug and take care of anyone! They have a very strong effect on me! Take care...and call in some troops if you need help!

jeneflower said...

Sorry about the fall. Thank goodness for drugs. I always wondered what that Junior Giants movie was about.

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