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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Birthday Week

This is my birthday week. For an entire week surrounding my birthday, I try to do at least one fun thing that is Just. For. Me. This tradition started many years ago when my beloved husband kinda sorta pretty much neglected to remember that my birthday was fast approaching with the rising of the sun. So. I wallowed in self pity and held back tears for most of a day. Then the next day was better, so I took myself out to lunch. And the next day, I happened to be at the mall and saw a really pretty necklace that I normally would not have purchased but just this once...

So on Sunday, my birthday week began. But I had a lot to do, making dinner and such. Since I was the one making dinner, I decided to make something that I really, really like but hardly ever make (on account of it being possibly the most fattening thing you could eat): chicken cordon bleu. Still enjoying the leftovers!

Monday, it didn't happen. Da Boo's preschool was canceled and I had problems convincing the pharmacy of my dire need for happy pills. But we did have a fun FHE. Does it count that I sent in my wrist measurements for a really, really swanky new bracelet?

Tuesday, I took the kids to the Aquarium. Sure, this was disguised as a fun outing for all but really? It was all for me. Even got to spend time with a good friend who was instrumental in us not being homeless before our house was finished.

Today was a busy day. There wasn't much time for myself. The night is still young. I plan on sipping some Sangria while reading a new book.

Tomorrow is another busy day with not much spare time. Somehow I will find an hour to play a new game I discovered called Marine Park Tycoon...or I might dive head-first into my stash of chocolate and do some more reading.

Friday, a friend is taking me to lunch. Also, the Man is being all secretive about how I will be "busy" that night. I certainly hope he doesn't think I'll need the time to catch up on laundry.

Saturday I am breaking out my Halloween decorations and just having a good time. I promise to post pictures.

And that brings us back to Sunday. Once again, making a favorite dinner (since I'm not doing much cooking during the week) and I get to decorate a baby blessing cake.

I'm not 30-something. I'm 29.95 plus shipping and handling.


jeneflower said...

Happy Birthday! I learned early that the key to a successful birthday is not to wait for others to remember, but to give everyone a lot of advance notice and extra reminders the day of.

The doing nice things for yourself all week is a great idea too!

Amanda said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday (when is the exact day?) 30's not bad (LOL!) so far......trust me:) Those bracelets are really cool! I hope your week continues to be good!

Christine Rappleye said...

Love the last line. I'll have to use it myself.

Have a wonderful birthday!


Emma said...

You are so funny. Good for you to make your birthday fun and last a looooong time. I will always think of you as 29.95.

Rupper Family said...

Jess, you crack me up! Happy Birthday Girl!
Tonight is the season premiere of both the Office and Grey's Anatomy if you're into either of those.


Kristie said...

Happy Almost birthday Jess!!! (It's the same day as Barth's right?) I hope that you have a fantastic day!!!!! If we lived close, we would have to get together for a fun day!! It sounds like you are having a great week! Enjoy yourself!

bon said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! Only.... that was just mean, that link to the bracelet website. MEAN!... now I want a bracelt... and I NEVER want jewelry.

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - it's on Saturday. And I've already passed 30...but that was a kinda fun birthday (hubby sent me on a treasure hunt).
bon - I KNOW!! She has completely destroyed my budget and intensified my coveting ratio. AND she lives in Spanish Fork.
Everyone - Thank you for your birthday wishes!

Amber said...

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY week! Wanna come celebrate at my house on Saturday? ;)

Seriously though. Can we do lunch next we in a mutual celebration?

Emily said...

One week?
What an amateur!

I have declared the entire month of my birthday as MY Month and My birthday is a national holiday! A world wide celebration! They had Television specials on my birthday! :P

And all who mistakenly ask me why something didn’t get done or suggest I may not be correct are just pitied by me for their ignorance. I pat them on their heads and forgive them for such indecent acts during MY Birthday Month.
Of course there are a few dissidents who try to ruin the Holy Month of My Birth for others, but I’m very good at ignoring such individuals (when I have stable blood sugar or dark chocolate).

Happy Birthweek!

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