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Friday, September 14, 2007

Chocolate Research

Chocolate Calendar for September 14th:
"Tell people you are working as a consultant for a chocolate company, and your chocolate consumption is actually research."

Ummm...fell down the stairs again. This time it was in the garage and I nearly landed on the Boy. I caught myself on my knee instead of hurting my shoulder so I'm not hurt. Well, my pride is pretty bruised. So I am eating some chocolate today as part of my research. I'm attempting to see if I can move my center of gravity down lower (by enlarging my butt).


Amanda said...

LOL!---not about the falling part though! That is HORRIBLE! Stairs are super dangerous! Be careful (like you were not trying to be careful already....somehow that just seems like the thing to say!)

Emma said...

I love reading your entries. You are soooo witty.

Kristie said...

The stairs seem to have it in for you lately!!! Be careful there little missy!!!! I am glad to hear that you didn't hurt your arm again!!! And glad to hear that your man is back!

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