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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ice Cream for Dinner

Tonight, it was the Man's turn to cook. He served ice cream.

Well, there were other things on the table, too, like chocolate chips and powdered sugar. Then there were bananas (*gagging*) and syrup. We drank mugs of hot chocolate.

When it's the Man's turn to cook (probably once a month) we have either steak, pancakes or waffles. Tonight, he made waffle sundaes. This is a dish he picked up when we stayed at a local bed and breakfast.

And besides, what better way to win Parent of the Year besides serving ice cream for dinner?


Amanda said...


bon said...

I will never apologize for serving cake for breakfast again!

Kristie said...

Sounds Yummy!!! Maybe I should try that sometime!

Sarah said...

Now I feel a little better about my husband's favorite breakfast food of chocolate pancakes with chocolate frosting. I guess I'm not the only one married to someone who's dining tastes run a bit bizarre!

Amber said...


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