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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Now It's Her Turn

Da Boo likes to look at the pictures on my blog. She'll climb up on my lap, giggle at each one and ask me to read her the words. So I showed her the last few posts and instead of laughing she looked a little perplexed.

"But, Mommy," she says, her blue eyes wide, "Where are the pictures of me?"

Uh oh. We have been a little heavy on the Boy news around here so this post is for her.

Since I've been working on those purses, da Boo has been asking to do a craft. So I found her a simple little thing that she could make herself with virtually no assistance. Then I snuck in to take her picture while she was hard at work.

And the Boy has been receiving rave reviews on his new haircut. So da Boo wanted a haircut. First, she wanted short hair, like her best buddy, Abbie. I said no. Then she asked me to cut off four inches. I said two. She started to screw up her little face like she was going to cry. I sighed, and cut off four inches.

I'm already regretting it!


Kristie said...

So Cute!!! Da Boo is such a cute little girl! I love the new haircut!!! She looks so excited to have it in that picture!!!! I think that it is fun to have a change every once in a while! I hope that she likes it and that you get to liking it better! :)

Amanda said...

It will grow back in no time:) And she still looks darn adorable!!!! I agree with da boo....we needed to see her cute lil' face today:) I still wish I could click on your pictures and make them bigger!

Sarah said...

I know I have to cut my toddlers hair as well but I just can't make myself do it! You are brave to take the snip. I think life would be SO much easier if I didn't have yards of unkempt, curly hair to deal with everyday but there just seems something so unethical about actually cutting it.

bon said...

Oh hey! At least she didn't take it upon herself to cut it! That's always a disaster at our house, because they snip the FRONT.

Sarah said...

Hey Jessica! Just wanted to let you know you won the comeback contest over at my place! Drop me a note with your mailing address so I can stick your prize in the mail :)

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