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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Difference Between Girls and Boys

Don't worry...this isn't going to be like that embarrassing class in the 5th grade where the girls talked with the teacher and the boys talked to the gym teacher.

When da Boo turned 3, friends gave us a roller coaster. It wasn't at all like I expected when they first asked if they could give this contraption to our toddler. It's about ten feet long with two small hills for the little roller coaster car to roll down. It's not more than two feet high. When we first got it, we always knew when da Boo was awake because we would hear it going. In all the many months that she's had to play on it, the only time she ever tried anything risky was when she saw an older kid do it first.

Then comes the Boy.

He loves the roller coaster just as much as his sister (believe me, there are endless fights over it some days and then the roller coaster has to go in time out just so we can get some peace around here) but he mostly loves the little yellow car. He scoots along the floor from the kitchen to the living room - back and forth, back and forth - until he runs over my toes too many times and I make him stop. He chases his sister (whether she wants him to or not) until he nearly runs her over. I tried to get a picture of them doing this tonight because it was so darn funny - the Boy propped up on the back of the car and da Boo running away, waving her arms in the air - but all the shots came out blurry. (I sooooo need a new camera.)

But lately, the Boy is trying new things. Look at that picture up above. Notice how his little bum is *not* safely in the seat? And that's one of his more conservative positions! He loves to balance on the back with only his belly resting on the car! Gives me fits! I'm back on my happy pills, but it still makes me cringe. Da Boo does not do this! She sits quietly in the provided seat, rolls herself down the ramp and perhaps squeals or giggles a little but the whole time, she's holding on with both hands. Not the Boy. I think he would use the car as a surf board if we'd let him.

The Man is thinking that we might need to put the roller coaster away for a little while. I am okay with that. Afterall, I'm too big to ride it.


Amanda said...

LOL!!!! I think your post is so true about MOST girls and boys. Although I do not have a boy. I did notice this HUGE difference in the 3 years I taught Kinder. And in all those 3 years I taught each time a boy did something so BOYISH and crazy or violent.....I would say to my friend teaching next door "PLEASE, PLEASE don't let me have a boy!" But now I love P so much I couldn't even imagine not having sword fights and wrestling with him:)

Amanda said...

PS ---I want to see this whole Roller coaster thing!!!!

The Slothower Family said...

Boys are crazy, I'm an expert on crazy boys. I married one and so far have given birth to two. I don't see how their brains work sometimes and how they justify their behavior. But we still love them for their creativity.

bon said...

Yeah... I'd like to see this roller coaster thing too, but is it fair that my girls would be right there with your boy doing daredevil things AND have dramagirl moments?

sigh... my left eyeball for some peace.

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