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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FHE: Fishing for Help

It was the Boy's turn to teach the lesson, which means one of the parents gets to do it. I was feeling a little burned out (admit it, it's happened to you, too) and of course, the Man hasn't delivered on that dinner he owes me, AND he hadn't spent much quality time with the kids, having just returned from a business trip. So I made him teach the lesson. I helped him a little (by opening my FHE book and handing him the lesson...).

Opening Song: Give Said The Little Stream (we just pretended not to hear the Boy when he made his usual suggestion...)

Opening Prayer: The Boy.

Lesson: The Man talked about how he has been gone for a while and hasn't been able to help Mommy keep the house clean. He asked the kids how they have been helping and, not surprisingly, they couldn't think of too many ways they had helped, other than giving me hugs and kisses - which are great, don't get me wrong, but learn to make your beds already! Then the Man explained that he is going to be gone again (sob!) for even longer so the kids really need to help Mommy. Also, both Grandmas will be coming here this month so we need to keep the house looking nice.

To illustrate his point (and to keep the Boy from wandering away), we played a fishing game. Many moons ago, when I was a Sunbeams teacher, I had these paper fish with paperclips on their noses. They were used in nearly every lesson because the kids loved them. I would tape different scenarios/choices/etc. to the undersides, the kids would use a stick with a magnet on a string to fish them up, and then we would talk about what was written on the "caught" fish. Same concept tonight. On their bellies, the fish had things like "Make my bed," "Set forks on the table for dinner," and "Put away my toys." Easy stuff, right? Kinda like a previous lesson, so hopefully the concepts would get a little more ingrained. The kids had fun fishing. After he caught the "Put plate and cup on counter" fish, it took only a little coaching to get the Boy to take his dinner plate and cup to the counter.

Closing Song: Popcorn Popping.

Closing Prayer: Da Boo offered and being a nice brother, the Boy tried to help her remember what to say next. I almost had to put myself in time out for giggling during the prayer.

Da Boo and I made cookies. Unfortunately, we were out of milk (anyone else thinking of that first Got Milk? commercial?) so we had them with hot chocolate. We're all about stocking up on sugar just before bed.


Amanda said...

Very cute lesson!!!! I can see how Sunbeams would NEVER get tired of fishing! Great IDEA:)

Jo said...

I am kinda missing the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Good lesson and you always make it sound like your FHE are the best!

Bonnie said...

I think you did a great job with that FHE idea.
I also feel your pain. If I lived close I would come help clean. Both grandma's in one month. With your husband gone. You deserve an award.

Amber said...

MMmmm..... cookies. Good job on FHE- get the man to take you to dinner already!

Kristie said...

Marshall those forces!! That is what I say when I put my kids to work. They love to help me do stuff when I tell them what a great job they have done and what a big help it was!! Sorry your hubby has to leave again. :( Make sure he pays up on that dinner.

Debi said...

We used to do the fishing game during FHE, too. I also got the idea from the sunbeam manual. :) Keep up the good work on FHE!!

Jill said...

I think I might need to try the fishing game with my kids. I'll suggest it to them tomorrow. I know they will roll their eyes, but I'm pretty sure that's just their way of saying "Yes mom, that's a splendid idea!"
Today, there was a serious amount of cleaning that needed to be done, so I made cleaning assignments, and told them I had a Cadbury creme egg for each of them, however, if they had a bad attitude, didn't help, or yelled at or fought with each other, I would eat their egg.

I'm going to be gaining so much weight.

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