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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cheater, Cheater

Well, folks, there will not be a FHE post this week. Try to cope with the consuming feelings of loss and hopelessness as best you can. I recommend eating a large bowl of Neapolitan ice cream with crushed Fritos while watching Talk Soup.

We had planned a gardening FHE, where we would talk planting and then head outside for some hands-on experience. The Man was supposed to get the gardens ready. He didn't exactly get home in a timely manner and then the physical labor proved to be too much for my computer genius.

Instead, we ate more coconut cake (I guess it's okay now that I've had some rest...my mom likes it and that means a lot) and played the Wii. My mother, who is a most excellent chef (you have to say that like you are Bill and Ted), was not having the best of luck on Cooking Mama.

Speaking of the Wii, I must say, it is a fun little game thinger. I like that you can't really stay immobile while playing, that it makes you move. And of course, if you are da Boo, you can't play any games unless you are hopping. I knew my daughter was devious and skilled at manipulation (just watch how fast she turns off the tears when I offer chocolate) but I had no idea she was a cheater. Just look for yourself:

That's Laser Hockey she's playing. It's in two-player mode. She's holding both remotes!


Heather said...


The Ward Family said...

Sounds like you had fun!!! Some of our kids favorite FHE's have been when we haven't done anything just played or went out somewhere. Just fun being together. I do like your FHE post though. :) (this is Suzanne) We have a cheater at our house too!

Amanda said...

Well...I hope you are having fun with your mom:)

Emily said...

She takes after her mom :P

Jan said...

That was clever and cute. I want some cake too. Yummers. Wii rocks.

Debi said...

Tell Crazy Grandma "HI" for me!! :)

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