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Thursday, March 13, 2008

And then I freaked out...

After watching all my visitors for a while, I've come to accept that people I don't actually know read my blog. What's really interesting is when they not only read it, but they comment and then link to me from their blog. Now, that's just cool! Makes me feel like I get to sit with the cool kids at lunch or something. Then there's stuff that not so cool...

A little while ago I had a stalker. I refer to this person as a stalker because 1) he/she sent me unsigned email 2) he/she seemed to know things about me and 3) he/she "warned" me that I reveal too much personal information on my blog, making it possible for people to find me. Yeah...kinda awkward. So, stalker, if you plan on showing up at my house, just be warned that I am rarely dressed before noon. And if you come really early, would you mind getting the kids their breakfast? Cereal is in the corner cabinet. But you probably already knew that.

Then the other night, the doorbell rang. I tried not to groan too much as I went to the door, thinking I really needed rehang my "No Solicitors" sign. Turns out it was a member of the bishopric. He tells me he reads my blog.

I think I might have gone a little pale...

He assures me that's not why he's here. Oh, that's a relief. Then he asks us to speak in sacrament for Easter Sunday. Not a relief, afterall. But, oh shucks, the Man will be working that weekend and most likely won't be home in time (yeah, don't get me started on that rant...). So we won't be speaking. At least, not yet.


Amanda said...

At least you got out of speaking for now:) I hope the man gets home before Easter for ya!

Jill said...

Feel lucky that he didn't say "That's okay, we only wanted YOU to speak anyway"
That happened to me.

BkenneyBme said...

That stalker is kind of wierd, has the person quit or are they still around?
You probably dodged the talking bullet for a month or so, but you better believe your on their sights (you know it's true to that bishopric member who reads this..).

Emily said...

What? Not all consuming paranoid yet?
I have I taught you nothing!

*breaks in to song*

Paranoia, the destroyer
(here it goes again)
Paranoia, the destroyer

Dr. dr. help me please, I know you’ll understand
There’s a time device inside of me, I’m a self-destructin man
There’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little green man in my head


Seriously, ya know how I feel about the internet, stalkers, harassment and such…

Lindy said...

you know your days are numbered :) Nate thinks you are so funny--that's why he reads it, and to hear about all the yummy desserts he's not getting at his house.

Holly said...

Sometimes the anonymity of people in blogworld bothers me. I know at least one person in my ward is aware of my blog. I kinda wish that wasn't the case, because now I can't vent about my issues with my RS president!

Jessica G. said...

Holly - I know what ya mean! I have a huge rant but can't say a word because people know who I am complaining about, even without naming her. But just for the record, our RS pres is awesome! (and I'm not just saying that 'cuz she might read my blog...)

Jo said...

Ack! If someone from my ward showed up and told me they were reading my blog, I would so shut my blog down!
Good luck with the talk...hee hee..

The Ward Family said...

It's funny that the people you don't know end up leaving the strangest comments! By the way, since you are tracking your visitors, has anything shown up for North Dakota? We were looking into this with our own blog tracking and noticed that since we are almost on the border with Minnesota that the visitors from our city are showing up as though they were from the part of the city that is in Minnesota. So maybe you just have more Minnesota hits. This would be us visiting.

Deanna's Day said...

HI.....I am one of those people who doesn't know you but has read your blog....I am no stalker however. : ) I am actually an old college roommate of your sister Lyn. I came across her blog and have been trying to e-mail her, but to no avail. I saw your blog link on her page and am hoping you will be able to give her my e-mail.
My name is Deanna and we went to Ricks college together ...BACK in the DAY!
Please let her know I am trying to contact her.
my e-mail is deannamenssen@yahoo.com


Amber said...

My RS pres. reads my blog... of course she's also my next door neighbor and friend. ;)

You'll be speaking in a week or two I'm betting.

Kristie said...

Too crazy about the stalker thing!! The bishopric wanted me to speak when we first moved in and then on the day that I was supposed to speak, they changed the bishopric and called in Barth, so he had to speak and I didn't!!! I thought that was novel. Haven't had to speak since either. :) Hopefully you can dodge that talk a little longer!!

Debi said...

Not have to talk @ church--Good
Stalker--Probably just a prank...if you were boring like me, no one would even bother :)
Others reading your blog--Good, you're a great writer and fun to read :)
I have to say, though....I have pulled up your blog several times and then walked away from the computer only to come back hours later and realize that your blog has been on....and you are TRACKING people who read....sigh...now you will think I have read your blog backwards and forwards, when alas....I have only forgotten to shut down my computer.

Jessica G. said...

Deanna - I have passed along your info! I'll call her to make sure she gets it, as she changes email addresses.

Debi - admit it...you read my blog for hours at a time, marveling at my wit. ;)

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