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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FHE: Prayer for Beginners

It was da Boo's turn to do the lesson tonight. She usually tries to come up with something after Primary at church on Sunday. But this week, she was more rowdy than usual and didn't actually pay attention (if her teacher is reading this...I am really sorry! I had her practice being reverent after church!). So that's why five minutes before we usually have FHE, she and I were flipping through my old Sunbeams' lessons, trying to find something easy enough that she could get the message across with minimal assistance. The Boy is almost to the point that he can say prayers on his own but forgets what to say next and get distracted. We chose a lesson on how to say a prayer.

Opening Song: I Am A Child Of God (shocking, I know! And the Boy didn't even cry when we didn't sing his song.)

Opening Prayer: The Boy. He volunteered.

Lesson: Da Boo had four papers with pictures on them that helped illustrate the four parts of a prayer...Opening, Thanks, Ask, and Closing.

Opening - a big red heart and a person that looks like it could be Heavenly Father. "Dear Heavenly Father..."
Thanks - a Thanksgiving turkey and small pictures of things we have been blessed with, like food, family, parents, house, etc.
Ask - two hands outstretched, with small pictures of things we might ask for in our prayers, like sicknesses, blessing on food, missionaries, etc.
Closing - A picture of Jesus Christ, so we remember to pray in His name.

Da Boo did a good job. The Boy listened fairly well until towards the end and then we lost him completely. He was having so much more fun flipping himself over the arm of the couch instead of telling us what was in the picture (although he did learn turkey...).

Closing Song: Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.

Closing Prayer: We had the Boy say it again, using the pictures are prompts. He remembered to give thanks for turkeys.

Treats: Deluxe Fudge Grahams. I bought them on impulse at the grocery store over the weekend. Must have been needing some sort of comfort food. These cookies remind me of my childhood. We had them when we went camping a lot. I miss camping.

Now, tell me, what did you do for FHE this week?


Jan said...

We are so boring now that the kids are older. We go over the Sunday School lesson for next week. Wow huh. No treats, no laughs or handouts. We just read and discuss and say prayers. Its next door with my parents which I love though. Good job Jessica with your family.

Amber said...

Steve was at work still so at 7:30 I sounded the FHE call. I decided to tackle an issue I've been thinking/pouting about for a while. The issue is that I clean up after everyone all the time and no one cleans up after themselves.

We talked about feeling overwhelmed, and what that means and then different things that the girls can do to help.

Then I pulled out the big guns. I need to blog about that.... (yes I'm leaving you hanging)

Heather said...

I want to hear more about the girl who brought guns to FHE.

We have been learning hymns so we can sing them in church. New favorite is We thank thee oh God for a prophet.

Then we turned on the video camera and let the girls dance to "Let's get together" by Haley Mills.

Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake. The dessert not the doll.

Jo said...

And here I was all ready to leave a snarky comment about Twinkle Twinkle. The wind was quite suddenly taken out of my sails.
I do believe on Mon night I was snuggled up to a boy with a tummy ache with a hot pad on his tummy. A lesson in compassion and patience, for me, as always.

Emily said...

Didn’t have one. Haven’t for years. Didn’t get to church either.
Did make it to a primary activity on Sat. and a blue and Gold banquette on Friday.
The Thunderous one got very depressed during it, he really wants to be an Eagle Scout but hasn’t been to scouts since my car broke last September. We talked about it (yes in whispers during the ceremony) and we will add a Cub Scouts to his homeschool routine. Our hope is to get him all caught up by the next banquet, he is very excited!
We also talked about the deal of 'you have to be an Eagle to get your license…' but My Love was not a scout and thinks it would be hypocritical of himself to expect that of his child. I disagree, but then again I loved scouts :)
And no My Love was not there. He doesn’t leave the house if he can help it. So his part of the conversation happened later…after the Thunderous one and I had made the deal.

Kristie said...

For our FHE we had the missionaries over to give us a missionary lesson and help us to set up our family mission plan. It went well although our boys were a little sad that they didn't get to sing their usual 12 songs or do something exciting like charades for activity!!! We did get an idea for next week's FHE when Weston said that one way we could share the gospel was to make sure people knew what the 10 commandments were by telling them that drinking tea was bad. Hmmmm....I think that next week we will talk about the difference between the 10 commandments and the Word of Wisdom!!! :) I just love the funny things kids say!

Jen said...

The married couples in our ward were invited to singles FHE. We began with singing love at home and had a very short lesson about families and then we played the newly wed game. 6 couples (3 very newly wed & 3 "old" timers (we were one one the old timers)) faced off and the very newly weds beat us. Oh well.

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