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Monday, March 10, 2008

Corrupting the Innocent

Meet Fred and Ginger. Aren't they pretty? Would a male fish take offense at being called pretty? I'll have to ask Fred next time I see him.

Now, what, you may be wondering, do fish have to do with corruption and such? We already have fish and unless I am setting these fighting fish loose on my guppies, then this just doesn't make sense. Patience, dear Internet, and all will be explained.

Saturday, I took the kids to the pet store to get a couple new fish. It's also cheap entertainment for close to an hour. The Co-ed decided to join us (might also have to do with mentioning getting Krispy Kreme). So we have a great time, listening to the birds, watching the bunnies' noses wiggle, flinching at the sight of all those rats and ooohing over the hamsters. Eventually, we meander over to the fish. Da Boo had her new fish picked out immediately: a bright orange one to match her remaining bright yellow fish. The Boy really wanted one of the feeder goldfish. I was able to talk him into a little tetra instead.

As we are wandering around and peeking into cages, the Co-ed fills me in on her weekly happenings. The Co-ed's birthday is coming up. I have my Birthday Week and Aunt Denise celebrates her birthday for the entire month, so she took both of those ideas and came up with her own. The Co-ed made a list of things she'd like to do to celebrate her birthday. The list includes things like "watch 7 new movies" and "do something spontaneous." Fun stuff!

Just about the time we get our fish into little bags, the Co-ed, who was perusing the fish selections as well, decides she really wants to get a fish! Completely spontaneous! Now, there's some background information you need to know about the Man's family: they are anti-pet. Always have been. It was almost a deal-breaker for me, but I married him anyway, thinking I could change him. Oh so foolish. So the Co-ed never had a pet. Never. Not a cat or a goldfish and probably not even a dust bunny. And yet, here are Fred and Ginger, the Co-ed's very first pets!

Congratulations on your new pets, Co-ed! (I hope they don't die the first week...)


Bonnie said...

For a first pet beta's are the best. We had one once named "horsie" it lived for a week without food. They are very hearty. Good luck Co-Ed.

Jo said...

The no pet policy would have been a deal breaker for me! In fact, at one point Bald Man was resisting getting another cat. It would make 2 cats, and he has never scooped the cat box or fed them, so he can't complain, and I told him he knew what and who he was marrying and he couldn't back down on the deal now. He caved.
Good luck with the co ed's fish. Betas are pretty hardy, they should do fine.

Debi said...

If Kristie's betas are still alive....you must not be able to kill those things.
I can still remember your little bunny hopping all around in your house when you were young. :)

Kristie said...

Thanks a lot mom!!!! No really, though....those things can live through anything!! I found Aaron with his hand in the bowl yesterday "trying to catch a fish!" They are still alive, so I must say that this is a pretty good choice. I do think that they are pretty. I hope she enjoys them.

Jen said...

Just for the record. We (the Guernsey family) have never owned a pet, but we did bring furry friends home from school over the summer to baby sit. Gerbels, hamsters, Guinne Pigs, and Ferrets have all been in the Guernsey home. Grandma's dog has even stayed with us for awhile. So we are not totally anti-pet. In college, my roommate had a cat named fish for awhile until she got caught...no cats in the dorms. I think that has scarred me against cats. Now I might consider a dog...but hair is an issue. He can't shed a lot. Fish I would have no problem with.

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