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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Widow Week

Alternate titles: "My Husband's Ridiculously Overzealous Work Ethic," "How to Eat Your Weight in Chocolate," "The Best Hiding Places for Mommies Who Don't Want To Be Found."

I love my husband. He is a great man, a fabulous father, looks amazing in slacks and is hopelessly in love with me. He's perfect! But...yes, there's a 'but'...he has an overdeveloped sense of responsibility as it applies to his profession. I won't go into details because then I will start to rant and rage and possibly swear but let's just say that there have been quite a few changes at the offices lately. As a result of those changes, my husband hasn't been home much. All last week, he was sneaking home some time around midnight and then leaving again when the sun came up. And this week, he's not even here to keep my feet warm at night.

I am used to the business trips. Sometimes, they are even fun. I get to eat what I want, when I want. I wear yoga pants all day or not bother to fix my hair beyond a ponytail. I get to hold the remote control. I don't have to keep on the dishes. It's kinda nice. But it gets a little boring, especially once the kids are asleep and I've eaten all the Haagen Daas. I prepare as best I can for these moments.

When the Man goes off on business trips, I reorganize the Netflix queue. All the chick flicks get top priority. I make a special trip to the grocery store to get little treats and the fixins for dinners I want. I try not to go overboard...don't want to spend the whole time on a sugar high only to crash the minute he gets home.

This is what I've done to hang on this time:
  • Currently, my favorite treats are Sweet's Orange Sticks (the dark chocolate ones). They were on sale but I limited myself to just one box.
  • We have watched Barbie the Island Princess and Hairspray virtually non-stop (I'm hoping this doesn't permanently scar the Boy).
  • Last night, I took the kids out for dinner at Arctic Circle. Their food might not be that great but they have the best play place for my kids. They declared me the best Mommy ever!
  • I intentionally scheduled a Girls' Lunch Out because I knew I would need the adult interaction (even though I had to pay a babysitter, it was soooooo worth it).
  • This afternoon, we're going to get new fish (we're down to three but one of those doesn't count because it's just an algae eater and hides whenever you try to watch it).
  • Tomorrow, I am baking their favorite cake. And we will eat it while it's still warm, served with vanilla ice cream, possibly before dinner.
Also, I like to make sure the Man misses me, too. So when I pack for his trips, I make sure to slip in a special little reminder of me...like a red lacy bra.

I am surviving his absence. But my feet are cold.

What do you do to entertain yourself when your husband is away?


Kristie said...

Well, I hope you survive! I like to watch the long BBC version of Pride and Prejudice several times!!! :)

Amber said...

I'm offended I didn't get invited to lunch. (Hurumph!)

Amber said...

I have a husband with the same affliction as yours. At least he's not lazy right? Personally it's easier on me when he's just gone rather then 'mostly gone'.

Amanda said...

Steve is really never out of town.....one, two nights max. I didn't mind when he left for 2 days this past month....it seriously is less for me to clean up! And I like ALONE time:)

Rachel said...

I can't wait till I am married and I can pig out, wait, I already do that.

You have been tagged, stop by my blog to see what the assignment is.

Holly said...

LOL! Great post. My husband doesn't travel for his job (chiropractor), so I really can't share what I do! I will, however, continue to giggle from reading this post!!

BkenneyBme said...

I rent a movie that I (that was in caps) want to see, and get take out after putting the kids to bed early. And then we go to McDonalds and play in the get-a-cold play area (I only do that in extreme measures when I'm drivin crazy since I know I'll most likely have a sick child later that week...ok, it's not really that bad, but still....)

Tausha said...

My husband used to travel, he now has a new job and traveling is just not in the job description. But now that i think about, sometimes i miss those trips. The kids could eat cereal for dinner and don't care what i eat. I put my kids to bed without being all psyched up cause their dad isn't here to do it. I sleap in and let my 8 year old do breakfast. (i bribe with money-is that bad) i saved the best for last-I GET TO SLEEP ON THE WHOLE BED- even i do have to wear socks to bed!

Jan said...

Can you believe I clean and watch movies. I hide in my house and love every minute.

Melissa said...

I lay awake at night and jump every time I hear an odd noise... oh, wait... you mean what do I do to entertain myself? The same as you - take the kids out to eat, watch movies I know he wouldn't like and generally eat junk food!

Nat said...

My huz has done a lot of business trips this year. I don't like them. I do think that Spaghettios and PBJ make dinner time a lot easier, but I have a hard time going to sleep. When he is gone, we spend a lot of time with the Grandmas.

The Wife said...

Wow, I was a widow last week as well! My personal favorite is cheesy breadsticks with ranch dressing. I love having a chance to eat them without being asked how many fat grams they contain!

Rupper Family said...

I'm overly productive when my husband is gone, strangely enough! I deep clean the house, change out seasonal decorations, then I pull out a sewing project or all the scrapbooking supplies and stay up until 1 or2 a.m.! I also end up watching Dexter or CSI-some scary chop-em'-up show that'll keep me listening for intruders in the night. I'll also then watch a chick flick so I can have a good cry on my own.
Brett leaves for a week at the end of this month-I'm looking forward to it!!!

Jessica said...

So I'm one of those who don't know you but an leaving a comment anyway! My husband travels a lot and it's hard. I do watch all the trashy TV shows that I don't get to watch when he's home - Sex and the City, Friends, etc, etc. I enjoy being able to watch TV for hours and not feel guitly. But my daughter misses Daddy horribly. She doesn't sleep well when he is away which makes it hard on everyone.

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