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Monday, March 24, 2008

Showing Off My Kids...again

Saturday evening, I bit the bullet and we dyed Easter eggs. I am a terrible mother. This is the first time I have allowed my kids to dye eggs. Really, I decided to do it because I have such fond memories of this activity as a kid (waxing sentimental, remember?), da Boo is old enough to handle it, the Co-ed was coming over and wanted to do something with the kids, and because there would be enough adults there to contain the kids so I would get to dye some eggs, too.

The Man was ordered to pay close attention to the Boy at all times.

The Co-ed went all crazy and used crayons to decorate her eggs before she dyed them. This completely blew da Boo's mind. Also, the kit came with a white crayon so I had fun with that one. Da Boo colored four eggs, the Boy had three, the Co-ed got two ('cuz she took so long coloring them), and I made three (two with color suggestions from the kids, showing them how you can use different colors on eggs).

We had no major spills or sobbing fits, so I'd say it was a success.

After we cleaned up, I made Resurrection Cookies with the kids. We did this last year and I was really surprised just how much da Boo remembered. Of course, the Boy just heard the word "cookies" and he was fascinated. In the middle, there is a 15-minute gap, while you beat the ingredients to stiff peaks. Last year, I lost their interest here. So this year, I got a little bit smarter and had them get all ready for bed while I mixed. Worked much better so I think this will be the rule from now on. Something else that was better...I used a bigger cookie sheet. Last year, I had to really pile on the cookies because there wasn't enough room. As a result, the cookies didn't turn out quite like they are supposed to, not very hollow inside. This year, bigger cookies sheet, more room, smaller cookies, excellent results!


Emma said...

I love your hair! Such fun festivities! We only dyed eggs because my sister iniciated it. I just love the look of colored eggs. Where are the pics of the cookies?

The Ward Family said...

I love all of your ideas! I am going to make those cookies next year. As always your kids are just SO cute. I wish we could all hang out. My kids would LOVE them!

Debi said...

The cookies look so pretty! Yes, I was thinking, where is the picture of the cookies? I remember you blogged about this last year but my brain has filled up with numbers and scientific facts since this time last year. Or maybe you can link us up to last year's entry. :)

Debi said...

Of course I meant to say the EGGS looked so pretty (only half as cute as your kids, though!)

Jan said...

Everything looks great and glad you had a good time. Way to go mom Jessica. Have a great week.

Kristie said...

Adorable kids!!! And how fun to see a picture of you too!! :) I had thought that we might try to do the cookie thing this year, but we ran out of time! Perhaps next year!

Amber said...

(whispering) we didn't dye eggs this year at all- I do have a kit- but I'm not sure I'm going to attempt it.

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