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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FHE: Helping Hands

The lesson for FHE was a practice run for the Boy's preschool*. He meets with three of his friends and for the first half, they play with puzzles or playdoh, sing songs, have a lesson, color a picture or make a craft and generally try to have some structure. After that, they get to play. All the moms take turns hosting and it was my turn. I wanted to talk about helping because the Boy seems to think everything is too hard for him and just lets his sister do it.

Opening Song: The Boy chose ABCs (I'm sure Twinkle Little Star was really offended).

Opening Prayer: Da Boo asked me to say it.

Lesson: First, I had everyone show me their hands. We counted the finger and then wiggled them in crazy ways (easy when you're a toddler). Next, we showed what our hands could do, like how they button shirts, clap, give spankings (hey, da Boo said that one, not me!) and point. Before we started, I set up four stations around the room. I took the kids to each station.

Station #1 - The Bed (small travel pillow and a fleece blanket that was rumpled). I asked the kids what their hands could do to help make this look better. Immediately, da Boo began to straighten the blanket. The Boy joined her after a little prodding.

Station #2 - Toy Box (small plastic box of a dozen or so toys, scattered on the floor). Again, da Boo got to work immediately. The Boy was right behind her and actually had to fight her for toys to pick up! Oh, if only it was really like that when it came time to clean up...

Station #3 - Coat Rack (Boy's jacket, Boo's school bag). All I had to say was "These don't belong on the floor here..." They had snatched up their item and were running to put them where they go on the coat rack.

Station #4 - Getting Dressed (Boy's pull-up and Boo's shoes). This one we sat down and talked about how we can get dressed and undressed ourselves. Even if we need a little help, there is still a lot we can do with our hands.

Each station, I asked them what their hands were doing. I made sure to praise them for having such helpful hands.

Closing Song: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Closing Prayer: Da Boo tried calling on me again but then she asked the Man to say it.

Treats: We had some Adcoma cake, of course! Thought about making sugar cookie hands (have a cookie cutter shaped like a hand!) but the day got away from me and my house is already stuffed full of sugar-loaded goodies.

*For the Boy's class, I traced their hands on a paper and let them color/stab with crayons/stare at their handprints. We also had string cheese for a snack but maybe it was a little beyond them because they would only eat the pieces I pulled off for them.


Kristie said...

Sounds very fun!!! I did a preschool with a few friends when we lived in Jacksonville!!! The kids loved it. Thanks for all of your FHE posts! I always enjoy them.

Amanda said...

That was a good lesson idea!!!! I hope it helps:)

Heather said...

awww that was a cute lesson. Good thinking!

Debi said...

Heavenly Father is so proud of you, Jess, for loving your family and teaching them lessons during Family Home Evening .... :)

Rupper Family said...

I love this lesson idea Jess-I could use some helping hands around my house too, I'll try it!

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