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Friday, January 4, 2008

You Say You Want A Resolution

Sunday, I had an airhead moment. So rare, I know. I was standing in the hallway chatting with a friend before I meandered off to Sunday School when two of my Activity Day girls poked their heads out of their classroom.

"Hey, Sister G!" they called, all excited to see me, "We don't have a teacher today! Come be our teacher!"

Now, normally, my little heart would swell with joy at being wanted and my ego would inflate faster than the National Deficit. However, at that moment I happened to remember that their teacher had asked me to substitute for her. Too bad I didn't remember sooner...like the night before so I could actually have a lesson planned! Oops! Still, we had a good time. We played Hangman with gospel terms. The first girl chose The Holy Bible. Going from there, I asked each of the girls to tell me their favorite bible story in their own words. This is always interesting (read: highly entertainingly!) to hear what they find important about these stories. Next, was Ten Commandments. After they solved it, I taught them a method the Man taught me for remembering which commandment goes with which number. This went over BIG TIME and we spent the rest of the class quizzing each other.

And now for my odd title up there. During Primary, the music lady asked the kids about their New Year's resolutions. One kid said that he didn't want to have a New Year's revolution. Then he didn't understand why all the adults in the room busted up laughing! So I am giving you a homework assignment: post your New Year's resolution on your blogs and then send me the link. I'll compile the list and post them here. And don't worry...I think at last count five people actually read my blog so it's not like you'll suddenly get tons of traffic and your blog will crash. I'm just not that popular. (Please participate as my ego is in desperate need of repair due to Sunday's deflation. Pretty please? I'll make you a cake!)


Kristie said...

Mmmmm....a cake!!!! Are you going to ship it all the way to Kentucky? :) I'll have to post some resolutions! I would love to know the method of how to remember which commandment went where! I just always try to remember the primary song!!!!

oh...and if I have to post resolutions, you do too!!!!

Amber said...

Who said I wanted a resolution? Here are a couple:

1. Do the Nano lunch with Jessica (when you want to do that?)
2. Eat less
3. Exercise more
4. Spiritual stuff
5. Keep my house cleaner

KWILY said...

Great idea Jessica. Here's mine. http://smileywilys.blogspot.com/2008/01/my-new-years-resolutions.html

Amanda said...

If you are making me a cake then I will make up resolutions! I don't have any resolutions....except make it through this pregnancy and birth a healthy child who hopefully sleeps a lot! LOL! I haven't had resolutions for years...they just make me feel bad when I don't do them!

Emma said...

I want a pink cake!!!! Okay I will post on my blog. I have lots of pics I am just lazy. I want to know the 10 commandment trick too!

Heather said...


Oh and do my visiting teaching.

The Mac's said...

I have to admit my feelings are a little hurt....you are on my friends list but I have yet to notice mine on yours:) Can I please be your friend? I check your site often, and I know I don't leave a lot of comments thats because I am usually holding Avery and she makes it impossible to type!

sillyhaywardfamily said...

Jess I don't know if you read my blog lately, but Molly determined My #1 resolution for me!!! To lose what she called "My Big Tummy"!!!!

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