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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year!!

Let's start off by celebrating my 200th post! Now, instead of writing random things about myself, I will show you what the Man gave me in honor of the occasion:

They are called Lace Roses because the edges look frilly, like lace.

Actually, he didn't get me roses in honor of my blog (he doesn't even read my blog). He got me these a couple days ago from Costco. We were heading toward the checkout when we passed the flowers.

Me: Wow! Those are gorgeous!
Him: Boy, stop pushing your sister.
Me: Hey, these roses are really pretty!
Him: Should we get some beef jerky?
Me: The Man, when was the last time you brought me flowers?
Him: Uh...
Me: For my birthday.
Him: Oh.
Me: In September.
Him: Which flowers did you like?


Kristie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Those are so pretty! Did you take that picture with your new camera? It takes great pictures!!!!

Robyn said...

I I can say is Classic! Men you have got to love them! Happy new year!

Amanda said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too! I got a new Canon camera too...Steve picked it out.....Canon powershot 12.1 MP ELPH (whatever that means?) Now I want the Canon Rebel Digital SLR (my mom and sis. have different versions of this...and it is AWESOME!) This was a surprise gift from Steve and I DO NOT like surprises....maybe that is why I did not want to mention it.....It was a special edition made for Christmas that came with a coach camera case made to fit that camera..that is pretty cool...but I still want the Digital SLR!

Jessica G. said...

Yes, it's taken with my new camera! How could you tell? Maybe because it was a decent photo and not all blurry?
And Amanda, your camera is way better than mine...and I don't have a case yet. :P

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