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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hey! Guess what? This is my 100th post! I know, I can hardly believe it, either! Blogger tradition has it that you must post 100 things about yourself. Seriously, 100? I don't think there are that many things about me...and only about 13 1/2 that are somewhat interesting. But you know how I love talking about me so here goes:

(and you thought some of my London posts were long!)

  1. I've never broken a bone in my body.

  2. I've never had my wisdom teeth removed (because I don't have any on the bottom).

  3. I was born blonde. I LOVED being blonde.

  4. Thirty years and two kids later, it was "dishwater blonde" and I've always hated that name. Sounds so ugly.
  5. Now I'm a brunette, courtesy of my hair stylist.

  6. My mom always cut my hair when I was a kid and always did a great job. Never had a weird haircut.
  7. My first paid haircut was just before my high school graduation. And really? It was just a trim.
  8. I like having long hair, I just don't know what to do with it. Can't get my hair into those really cute styles everyone else seems to manage just fine. I never was good with hair. My daughter is doomed.
  9. My husband prefers brunettes, but when he met me, I was actually a red-head.

  10. Got red hair from buying a "temporary" hair dye at Wal-Mart. It was supposed to be "Medium Brown #9." It wasn't.

  11. My roommate's boyfriend dyed my hair for me. Maybe that's why it turned red...

  12. Enough about my hair already! Geesh, you'd think I was obsessive or something.

  13. I'm not obsessive.
  14. I am utterly paranoid.

  15. Seriously.

  16. In fact, I should be on medication.
  17. Actually, I *was* on medication. Had to stop taking it because that stuff - as wonderful and lovely as it made my outlook on life - doesn't mesh well with babies.

  18. I really, really want another baby.

  19. I am not pregnant.

  20. If I were pregnant, believe me, I would tell you immediately.

  21. I am horrible at keeping wonderful, happy secrets; like being pregnant or what Santa is bringing.

  22. While pregnant and having pregnancy cravings, I never once sent my husband out in the middle of the night to tend to my cravings. Kinda wish I had.

  23. With da Boo, I got vertical stretchmarks. All over my torso and legs.

  24. With the Boy, I got horizontal stretchmarks on my belly.

  25. I am now plaid.

  26. I worry about what the next kid's stretchmarks will look like.

  27. I have a warped sense of body image. Hey, I know I'm not "slender" but when I see pictures of myself (especially from behind), I can't believe that that is really how I look.

  28. My husband thinks I'm beautiful and that is enough.

  29. I married my perfect match. I regularly pat myself on the back for that one. "Good job!"
  30. Once I realized he was not just any ordinary geek, I totally stalked him until he gave in and asked me out, probably just so I would stop hanging around all the time.

  31. It took two dates but by then, I had him.

  32. I broke up with him ten minutes before he pulled out the engagement ring.

  33. If fact, my family was telling me to break it off.
  34. Even got a detailed email from my dad on how to break up with him, how to act whenever I saw him after that, etc.

  35. I deleted it before I finished reading it.

  36. Kinda wish I had kept it. Would be funny to include a copy of that with the next baby announcement.

  37. I have a really, really good marriage.

  38. We hardly ever fight.

  39. When we do fight, it's usually because I am being selfish or he's got his priorities set different than mine.

  40. I'm not a good fighter.

  41. I cry too easily when I'm angry.

  42. Once I start crying, my brain stops working and I can no longer function properly.

  43. This is possibly the same reason why I don't publically share my testimony all that often. My testimony of Christ and the restored gospel is a very personal thing and it gets me all teared up.

  44. Even now, just thinking about it, I'm getting kinda misty.
  45. I believe Jesus Christ is my Savior.

  46. I believe He was on this earth as an example for mankind, a guide to show us our Heavenly Father's plan.

  47. I believe that Christ and God have not left us alone, far from it.
  48. I believe that Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet of God, and as such, receives guidance from Him.
  49. I am proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  50. Despite all my claims as a writer and numerous competitions in speech, I still don't know how to share these things with friends, family, and others I meet.

  51. I wish I were a better member of the church, a better person.

  52. I try.

  53. Sometimes, I know I need to try harder.
  54. I am re-reading the Book of Mormon.
  55. I don't understand some of it. And it's okay that I don't understand it.
  56. My husband is an endless font of information, knowledge and wisdom. He helps me understand.

  57. His knowledge almost makes me wish I had served a mission for the church. I had my mission papers ready to go...then I met a certain percussionist.

  58. And don't tell anyone this but I actually like substituting for the teachers in the Primary.
  59. I love my kids more than I ever thought possible.

  60. I am really, really lucky to have such great kids.
  61. My daughter is beautiful and very smart. She gets these traits from her father.
  62. My son is adorable and curious. He doesn't talk much. ALSO from his father.

  63. I wonder which parts of themselves they get from me.

  64. I hope they didn't get my temper.

  65. Cooking is not my forte.

  66. There are about five dinners I make fairly well that you will always be served at my house. Anything not on that short list is a complete gamble. You may be asked to sign a waiver at the door.

  67. I can, however, bake like nobody's business.

  68. I also decorate cakes.

  69. I really, really love decorating cakes.

  70. I love the smell of my buttercream frosting. I'd wear it as perfume if I could.

  71. I think my frosting tastes pretty dang good.
  72. If you tell me you don't like my frosting, I just might charge you next time you ask me to make a cake.

  73. I stress out too much over little problems with my cakes.

  74. I really stress out over BIG problems with my cakes.

  75. My collection of cake pans and paraphernalia just might take over my entire pantry. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Who needs a place to store the rice and pasta? My fondant roller and springform pans need SPACE!

  76. I graduated from Brigham Young University.

  77. Also went to East Texas State University (where the only good thing was my roommate) and University of North Texas (got hit on more by women than by men).

  78. Got a BA in Communications, Print Journalism emphasis.

  79. I also am just four credits short of a BA in English.

  80. Those credits are for a foreign language. Not gonna happen.

  81. School was fun. I love learning and I liked making good grades (low self-esteem, need constant reassurance).

  82. Sometimes I miss it, so I occasionally sign up for a class (mostly craft stuff).

  83. I was so nervous about finally graduating and getting out into the "real" world that I delayed graduation for another semester and took two classes just for fun.

  84. Those two classes were Calligraphy and Opinion Writing.

  85. So now when I write my opinion on something, I can make it look pretty.

  86. I have a LOT of opinions.

  87. Sometimes I wish I weren't so opinionated and judgemental.

  88. I like to brag.

  89. Goes with my low self-esteem.

  90. My biggest dream left unfulfilled is publishing a book.

  91. I've written four books.

  92. Only one is anywhere near finished.

  93. That book is much too personal to me to ever let anyone read...except, of course, if you promise to never tell me anything you think about it that might make me cry and only if you like werewolves...and crazy people.

  94. I've entered National Novel Writing Month three times.

  95. I've won three times. I brag about this a LOT but it's not what you might think.

  96. Sometimes I get ideas for a plot or a character and these ideas will keep me up at night, distract me all day, and basically make me mindless until I get them down on paper in some form.

  97. I think I can write...and then I read someone else's stuff and think maybe I should crawl back into literary oblivion and eat my weight in chocolate.

  98. I have more than a passing interest in all things chocolate.

  99. I strongly believe that white chocolate is in the same category as Hitler, the DMV, and kidney stones.

  100. I can't believe I made it all this way and never once mentioned my metal shoulder! Ooops...well, no more space so you'll just have to silently envy my ability to set off metal detectors.


Kristie said...

Cute post Jess!!! I loved reading all about you and everything. You are such a good and fun writer. Wish I could be more like you!!!! I can't believe that you are at 100 posts!!! Yea!!!!!!!

Debi said...

You forgot to mention that you are a NICE, FRIENDLY, HAPPY person!! You are very ENTHUSIASTIC, and FULL OF ENERGY (who else could make all those cakes with 2 little kids?). What about your love of BUNNIES....and DOGS??? Okay, I guess if people want to know more about you they just have to read your blog....

Heather said...

Fabulous post. I am going to write 100 reasons we are friends because we SO get each other...

Amanda said...

LOVED it!!!! I never knew this blogger tradition......I know I am well over 100 posts-----It's probably better I never did this; I am sure I would bore you and tell WAY too much info. about myself!

Rupper Family said...

Jess, didn't you forget to add how you paint your nails in a hundred different colors? What about your Cindi Lauperness? Or how you are a conflict resolution specialist? Or that sometimes you prefer computer games to people(not that I could blame you with the apartment of girls we lived with!) Or that you had a steady flow of cake baking starting way back in college with our guppie funeral/wake services???
You're one funny girl Jess!

Emily said...

"If fact, my family was telling me to break it off."

I was not!
Prove it!

Yes I realize this is where you point out that was during my almost total absents from the real world, but that would just be low of you :(

Kristie said...

Just wondering....do you ever do your Betty Boop impersonation anymore? I remember the year that it poured at girls camp and you stood up at the bathrooms entertaining us while the whole camp flooded!!!!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Wendy - sad, but I don't hardly paint my nails at all anymore! But when I read your comment, I went and painted them a lovely lavendar color...with glittery sparkles. :)
Kristie - Geesh, completely forgot about that! hehehehe...haven't done it since before I met my husband.

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