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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

LONDON! Harry Potter

I know you are expecting the interior of the Tower of London and I'm sorry to make you wait but...We went to see Harry Potter last night! Really good! I think it's the best out of all of them, except maybe the first one.

So for all you Potter fans...recognize this place?

No? How about if I showed you the Man leaving for the new year at school?

I thought it was kinda cool that they did this. Took a picture of me with it but it looks kinda goofy (of course) so I'm not posting it. And yes, that luggage cart is really sticking out of the wall...I think they kinda ruined the effect by posting the sign but, oh well! We actually went here on Day 11, when we were goofing off downtown. There's a section in our guide book that takes you to some of the famous locations from the Harry Potter films. This is the only one we really made a point of seeing.

So we get to the theater an HOUR before it starts and already, there's a big line. As they let us into the theater, kids are pushing past everyone to get good seats for their entire family. Eh, what are you gonna do? Can't tackle a nine-year-old when his parents and younger sister are right there. We get really good seats, anyway. Nearly dead center and just at the right height. We would have been smack dab in the middle but those two seats are covered by the "Not In Service" thingies. They kinda smell funny, too, like strong cleaner, so I'm thinking that someone puked during the last showing. No worries. We settle in and watch repeated loops of their movie trivia. Then, just as the movie really starts, after all the previews and long commercials, two people come squeezing through the aisle. There are no seats, unless you want to sit in the front row. This couple proceeds to remove the seat covers and sit in the seats next to us! At first, I tried to warn them that I thought there might be puke on them but the guy just blinks at me and says that he had them reserved. WHAT??!? You can do that? I'm thinking he must work for the theater or be in tight with someone who does. I really didn't care, because we got good seats anyway and besides...the movie was starting.


Amanda said...

Ya know I love reading but I haven't jumped into Harry Potter. I am so against Sci. Fic. And fantasy.......but even my sister tells me I would like it anyway.

Kristie said...

I loved the first three books in the series, but the 4th one did me in. It was WAY too dark for my taste!! After that one I vowed to not read any more of them and I haven't. That is really cool that they have the platform all marked there. Very cool! I have enjoyed the movies that I have seen, but I think that I will have to have Barth preview the next one first to see if I would like it. I am such a wimp. I hate violence and dying and stuff like that!!! I always say that I am not 13 yet when it comes to movies!!! :)

Emma said...

Michael and I love reading Harry Potter. We went to see the new movie the night it came out. We really liked it despite the changes from the book. Michael is getting the book tonight from our local library. We are very excited. We really like that it is easy to tell between good and evil in the Harry Potter books. I think I have read most of the books twice.

Kelly said...

I loved movie 5. Best one so far. Favorite book is 3 still. I'm not that far into book 7 yet though. It's getting good, can't wait to finish it.
That rocks you got to see Platform 9 3/4. I'll have to show some coworkers the pics.

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