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Monday, July 2, 2007

FHE: Honesty

Taking another break from the London pictures. I have four folders full of pictures. Haven't even finished the second folder yet! Let me know when you get sick of seeing these...

Family Home Evening tonight involved the Crazy Grandparents. In fact, I was so busy getting dinner ready (which was rather yummy) that I delegated the duty of teaching the lesson to Grandma. I pointed her in the direction of my Sunbeams/FHE binder and then continued basting with honey.

Opening Song: Popcorn Popping (da Boo was in charge and both kids wanted to sing this one first).

Opening Prayer: Grandpa (although we had a hard time hearing him over the Boy's cries).

Lesson: Grandma asked da Boo to look at the window on a particular wall in the living room (one the doesn't have a window). Then she asked if da Boo liked my purple shoes (they're black). Finally, Grandma asked about Grandpa's dirty socks (not dirty, they're black). Just when da Boo was convinced Grandma was off her rocker, Grandma talked about how she wasn't tell the truth. She said the Heavenly Father wants us to be honest in everything we do (even the small stuff). Being honest isn't so hard. Grandma even had a game to show us how we can be honest. She had a small, green dog button so she taught the kids how to play Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? It took some practice before da Boo and the Boy were able to pass the dog button without being too obvious. And the game was off! I was picked to be "it" first but it got a little awkward when I ended up with the button! So we tried again. Da Boo got a turn being "it" and thought this was such a fun game. We all showed how we could be honest with each other by telling the truth when asked if we had the button.

Closing Song: B-I-N-G-O (the Boy got a little carried away with this one).

Closing Prayer: the Man.

Treat: The Boy had treat and he is my little chocoholic buddy so for treat we divided up a chocolate bar I brought back from London. It was called "Maya Gold." Label said it was dark chocolate with orange and spices. We could smell the orange and cinnamon but had a hard time placing the other spices. Finally, I peeked at the label. It also had nutmeg. It was tasty as only dark chocolate can be.

Then I had to tickle-chase the kids upstairs to get ready for bed...


Kristie said...

Very fun!!! My kids like the button game as well. Especailly Brian! Sounds like a great evening! Oh- and I liked your new cakes that you posted on the other blog!!!

Debi said...

So Crazy Grandparents are still there! I'm still waiting to see pictures of them in "grandparenting action!"

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