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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fourth of July!

We like to celebrate the independence of our great nation by setting fire to a small portion of it. The day started early, with a trip into Provo for their big parade. Sorry, but my camera's batteries died before the first shot and then Mom's were dead, too! Kids had a blast. Then after lunch and putting the kids down for naps, we girls snuck off to the Freedom Festival in Provo. Lots of fun! When we got back, we let the kids sleep a little longer before waking them up for BBQ'd steaks, baked potatoes, pineapple, french bread (gasp! how un-patriotic!), lemonade, home grown peas, and homemade ice cream.

Here are the fireworks. I get all giddy just lookin' at 'em! First came the exploding paratroopers, which are always good for sending the kids running wildly around the loop, trying to catch the little half-toasted cork on a parachute. Next, we had my personal favorites: the glow worms. Remember those? They look like miniature hockey pucks that you ignite. Then red-hot, black ash worms miraculously rise from the driveway. They are very cool!

It still wasn't dark enough so we had some snaps. The kids aren't quite strong/coordinated enough to throw them down and pop 'em so we went for the stomping method instead.

As the sky starts to darken, we break out the sparklers. Even Aunt Denise got in on the fun! Ah, the childhood memories (not accidentally getting burned by a sibling but trying not to cry because then Mom and Dad wouldn't let us have more sparklers).

We were able to set off a few fountains and some lovely whirling, sparking things before it got dark enough for the local government to start their big show. I had also given the kids glow-in-the-dark necklaces, which they wanted to take to bed with them.

Thought we'd see if the camera would capture some of the fireworks. Yup! So we tried it again!

Did you know that fireworks and parades and all the hullabaloo that goes with the Fourth of July is actually all part of a decree from our Founding Fathers? Seriously! So if you're feeling guilty about the amount of money you spend on hazardous materials when you could be replacing the air filter in your car, just remember: you are celebrating in a manner that is expected of you as a US citizen.

Happy Fourth!


Heather said...

Ah yes, the fireworks...but there was no mention that our great city actually started several fires with their show. Did you see them?! I love PG.

Kristie said...

What an exciting day!!! I am glad to hear that you had a great time (even if you did include a non-american food in your meal!!) My kids enjoyed the sparklers that we did, the only problem was that Aaron kept trying to touch to sparkle part to see what it was all about!!!

Debi said...

You should enter that picture of the kids standing next to the fireworks in some photo contest! It's adorable...

Amanda said...

Great picture!!!!!!!! Love the blog....made me laugh!

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