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Saturday, July 21, 2007

LONDON! Day 10: End of Day

Another collection of photos from the remainder of the day.

After our tour of the Tower of London, Roz treated us to a British tradition: the 99 Flake. It tastes like frozen whipped cream. And the little piece of chocolate poking out is a Cadbury Flake. They are interesting. The chocolate is very smooth but it's formed in a way that makes it very, well, flaky. I don't like flaky chocolate because I tend to get it all over myself. The 99 Flake, however, was really good!

We then strolled down the river. Roz took this picture.

We had to walk across the Tower Bridge. Apparently, they won't let you out of the country unless you've done that. Across the bridge was a nice pub that Roz suggested. By now, the non-stop whirlwind of touring was taking it's toll on us. We were really tired, but in a very satisfying way.

After relaxing for a bit, we had to say goodbye. Tomorrow was Monday and Roz had to work. That was hard. Even though we only just met Roz, I already felt like I'd known her for years, that she was a part of the family. She started to get a little misty-eyed, I teared up. Then we said goodbye. I miss you, Roz! It was so much fun spending the weekend with you. I'll glad your husband let you come out and play. And come to Utah! We've got good ice cream, too!


Kristie said...

I love all the pictures!!!! You can tell from your faces that you all had a great time!!!

Amanda said...

The 99 flake looks yummy! And that is a cute pic. of you Jessie! I am glad to see your smiling face on here!

Kristie said...

Hey, just a quick question...did we ever see the finished bathroom that you did? If you posted a picture of it, I think I was out to lunch because I don't remember seeing it!!! Please tell me that my brain isn't goin!!!! :)

Viking Vixen said...

I miss you guys too Jessica. What a great weekend it was. And be careful with those invites, I tend to take people up on them.
Love and hugs to you both. Roz x

Jessica G. said...

Kristie - you haven't seen the finished product because, well, it's not finished! I am being really nick-picky with the last details...and I have a new book that is comsuming all my free time.

Roz - I hope you do take me up on my offer! The States are pretty fun...and you'd get to meet more maybe-family members. :)

Emily said...

Did you go into the Tower Bridge towers? People used to live in there.

Unless I'm wrong, and that did happen twice in my life ;)

Nice to put a face to her stories Roz!

Jessica G. said...

Em - not allowed into the towers. I don't know about people living there. And I've posted other pictures of Roz! You're just not paying attention.

Emily said...

am too!
Just i usally see the posts after everyone has commented so I was trying to get in early this time so she'd know I'd seen her :P

I found out they don't let people in without special permission, of course they let in Most Haunted, just not average joe.

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