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Friday, July 6, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Taking a break from London to post about some other happens.

The Crazy Grandparents left this morning and already the kids are asking when they will be coming back. We had a really good time with them. Also, it was utterly awesome of them to take the time to stay with my kiddos while we went gallivanting across the world. I'm going to miss them!

While we were still in London, the kids began their first swimming lessons. Da Boo was signed up with a friend so she had no problems going to class.

She was about five inches under the height requirement but since she wasn't afraid to get in the water by herself, they let her take the class. (photo courtesy of Crazy Grandma)

Looks like she's enjoying it!

The Boy was a completely different story. The first couple sessions of his Parent/Tot class (can't call it Mommy and Me because there were several fathers), the Boy went with Grampa. And he also refused to get in the pool. Here, he is repeatedly filling cups with water and then dumping them on Grampa. (photo courtesy of Crazy Grandma) Oh, lots of fun! When Mommy returned, things changed. The first day with me, when he balked at entering the water, I said to him "If I'm getting in the water, you are getting in the water!" and I hauled him in. That was the end of his protests.

On the last day of class, they let the kids go down the water slide. Since I have two kids under the height requirement, the Man joined us for the day, even taking the Boy to his class so I could run a round like a crazy person with the camera. (Kristie - before you blow the lifeguard whistle at me, I promise I wasn't really running...)

So the Man and the Boy went down the water slide a couple times.

Then da Boo got to go...No, that's not me, I promise. It's the Boy's teacher, actually. We look soooo much alike, though.

I've already signed them up for another session of classes in a week. Gotta keep working on my tan before then...


Kristie said...

I was kinda worried there about your running!!! :) It does look like your kids had a lot of fun!!! Has is been hot there? I love the slide pictures!!! At the city pool by our place they have a kiddy slide that looks like an octopus that my kids love. (We don't go there too oten though since the apartment pool is free!!) I am glad that they are enjoying the swimming lessons!! Summer is by far my favorite time of year!!!! We practically live at the pool.

Debi said...

Can't help it, Da Boo is just one of the cutest little girls ever! She is so cute in the swimming pool, too! Thanks for posting a picture of Crazy Grandpa. I think it was better that he just let The Boy pour water over things, though. At least he wasn't scared by being forced to get in. Kids are so funny about water when they are traumatized. He would be more comfortable with Mommy.

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