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Saturday, July 14, 2007

LONDON! Day 10: Greenwich

Where were we? Ah, yes! Greenwich!

Now, a sure way to tell if someone is a tourist (like me) is to see how they pronounce Greenwich. Being a literate American who studied etymology in college, I'd like to think that I know how words should be pronounced. But the English like to have their own special version of the language and proper pronunciation is highly volatile. Remember Southwark Cathedral? Yeah, well, Greenwich is NOT pronounced "green - witch." It's "grin - itch." Weird. But I have to admit, the English accent is very cool. So, on to Grinitch!

Roz took us to an authentic fish n' chips place. Tiny little place with only four tables because most people order at the counter up front and then leave. It was so little that the sink in the bathroom was actually built into the wall to allow room for it. The Man got fish n' chips. As I am not a big fan of seafood, I got a sausage roll (was just like it sounds: sausage in a flaky pastry) and chips. Roz got something-that-I-can't-remember-the-name-so-hopefully-she'll-post-a-comment-and-remind-me that looked like a long, skinny, red hot dog (without the bun) and chips. London Survival Tip #9: Chips are not like American potato chips. They are more like our steak fries, but without the skins, and are quite tasty.

After lunch, we went across the street to the Greenwich market. We walked through rather quickly, looking for earrings for my mom. Found some lovely amber studs that I thought she would like. Amber is really a cool looking thing! I had no idea that it came in so many different colors, not just brown or yellow.

As we headed back toward the train station, we got a good look at the Greenwich Observatory, which has way more significance to the Man than it does to me. But hey, I can still say that I've seen it.

Roz made sure we got on the train at the very front because she thought I should see something. But she is a very sneaky person and would not give me a hint, just a mischievous grin. So we board the train and this is what I see:

Nice view, eh? Notice anything unusual? No? Well, notice anything missing? See the driver? Yeah, me, neither! This train had no driver! Kinda cool, though.

Next stop: The Tower of London. This one is going to require more than one post, I can tell you that!


Jos Goedmakers (Netherlands) said...

Well done!

Kristie said...

That is cool about the trains. Caon't wait to see the rest of the trip!!

Viking Vixen said...

It was a Savoloy Jessica

Jessica G. said...

Thanks, Roz! A Savoloy! Of course...now I remember.

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