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Saturday, June 30, 2007

LONDON! Day 9: Southwark Cathedral

The sign in front of the building read Southwark Cathedral.

I was a little confused because people kept referring to it as "Suth-ick" Cathedral. Them English person sure do talk funny...

Now, at Westminster Abbey, all visitors were asked not to take pictures. Here, we were actually encouraged to do so.

Pretty amazing ceiling, don't you think?

This is the stained glass at the rear of the building and the lovely gold sculpture is actually the top of their font. The font itself is very small, black and rather plain. Interesting that they decorated the top in such a way.

This is the Harvard Chapel. A man by the name of Harvard also started some sort of American school, I believe. His family paid for this chapel, too.

The main altar piece. I had more photos of it, up closer, but I'm really putting a lot of pictures up and this page is taking time to load. I promise to put all of this up on my Snapfish account so you can see things I'm leaving out. There's also an awesome picture of floor tiles. "Tiles??" I know, but trust me, they were very cool.

Still plenty more to see...please keep the line moving.

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Debi said...

WOW!!! What beautiful sights!!! You had an incredible once in a lifetime experience, you lucky girl!

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