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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Zimmer Frame


We're back! And very, very jet-lagged. England is seven hours ahead so even though it's just after lunch-time here in Utah, my body thinks it's close to bedtime. Good thing I have Diet Pepsi to keep me going.

Oh, the pictures I have to share with you! But not right now. See, everyday we would empty the memory stick on the camera onto the Man's laptop, otherwise I would have had to stop taking pictures after the second day. And currently the laptop is with the Man at work. So no pictures. SORRY! I will try to make up for it by providing y'all with a list of helpful British terms that might come in handy. I first started this list after a conversation with a Brit that went something like this:

Graham, having finished unloading a rolling cage dolly, proceeds to skate with it across the room, proclaiming: "I finally got me zimmer frame!"

Me and the Man: (blank look)

Graham: You know, a zimmer frame.

Me and the Man: (blanker look)

Graham: Like what old people use to get about.

The Man: You mean a walker?

Graham: Yes! Like a walker!


Graham: The joke's not funny if you have to explain it.

So here are some terms you might find useful on your trip to the United Kingdom.

Zimmer Frame: a walker. In a sentence "I finally got me zimmer frame!"

Knackered: very tired, worn out. In a sentence "Flying home from London has left me feeling knackered." (corrected per Roz!)

Pins: legs, usually a woman's shapely legs. In a sentence "Look at the pins on her! They must go on for kilometers!"

Kit: stuff, more of a derogatory term, like crud. "I left my kit all over the room. It was a mess."

Wags: acronym for 'wives and girlfriends' of soccer/football players. "Posh Spice is queen of the wags."

Loo: the bathroom. "After all those drinks, I am in desperate need of a loo."

Lift: an elevator. "We took the lift to third floor."

Copper: a police officer. "The copper ran past me in the Tube."

Tube: the underground transportation system, or train. "The doors on the Tube nearly took off my arm." (True story.)

Subway: the underground walkway used by pedestrians to cross busy intersections. "We took the subway under the street to avoid the crazy taxi drivers." (Also true!)

Mobiles: a cell phone. "My mobile gets no signal on the Tube."

Footie: the game of soccer, or football. "If it weren't for my wag friends, I'd never understand footie."

Sweeties: candies. "I should stop eating all these sweeties if I ever want nice pins."

Quid: money, the British equivalent to saying bucks instead of dollars. "No way am I paying 20 quid to fix Grandma's zimmer frame."

Half: used in telling time, means 30 minutes past the hour. "I'll meet you at the subway by half five."

Rocket: a type of lettuce that looks an awful lot like the leaves on dandelions. "This sandwich has far too much rocket on it!"

Busker: a street performer, usually musical. "That busker had such nice pins, I gave her a quid."

Anyone else know one that should be on the list?


Kristie said...

I am glad to see that you are back!!! I can't wait to see pictures, but I did find all the sayings quite funny!!!! I hope that the trip was fantastic!!!

Amanda said...

I knew some of those...but not all and not the Zimmer Frame one! Although I rather like that name instead of the "walker" So glad you are back to blog! I have missed your frequent posts! Your mom's posts were great and very entertaining...however, not as frequent! Post Pic's soon! So would you want to live there or do you still Love America?

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - still an American, through and through! I liked London but it is very, VERY expensive. I could see why people visit there and then never leave (met one guy there who did just that after visiting from New Zealand). Also, I got to pelt a security guard with candy whenever he made anti-Bush comments. I hope those left a welt.

Debi said...

Welcome home!! Well, I refuse to eat any sweeties today!! Take a picture of Crazy Grandma & Crazy Grandpa and post it on the blog....I want to see if they look TIRED!!! Then, post your vacation pictures.....

Emily said...

Welcome Home!

Hey you should have Mom post another blog entery or three before they leave!

Kristie said...

Hey!! I am still waiting on those pictures!!!!!!!!!

The Slothower Family said...

I bet it's nice to be home! I'm glad you had a good time. We need to get together as soon as we are feeling better, I think we mexico gave us something. Last time I visit Mexico! anyway see you soon.

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