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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Project: The Bathroom

Still working on the bathroom! It's been a busy week. Then the Man had to work all night (literally - he got home at 5 am) on Friday so he wasn't much help yesterday.

We pulled off most of the painter's tape, except for the places I am still painting. I'm not going to tell you more because that would ruin the surprise of the finished project. From my favorite craft store, I acquired a shelf that I've wanted to paint for the bathroom. So inbetween having friends over for a BBQ, naptimes and other activities this weekend, I've been working on it. Finally put the finishing touches on last night. Wanna see?

The shelf was plain wood. The edges were then sanded down (because I don't want splinters). The base coat is the same paint as the top coat in the bathroom.
After getting it thoroughly painted one color, I then coated the whole thing with Titebond Glue, which smells like a dead animal. Why glue, you may ask? Well, it's because I'm cheap. I wanted that crackled, old look but the crackling medium in the craft store was $7. This glue was $3 for a large bottle. And, the craft store lady assured me, it works just as well. She neglected to mention the smell.
The glue dried overnight, then I started the next step: painting the details. The blue was first, to test the crackle effect. I tested it out months ago to be sure it would work and wasn't entirely impressed. However, this time around, with the combination of latex wall paint and acrylic craft paint, it came out much better. After the red was done, I went back with the same base color so the whole piece would be crackled.

Step-by-step pictures would have been more interesting but I was so looking forward to getting it done that I didn't consider taking pictures until last night, after the whole thing was done and drying. Sorry!


Amanda said...

Jessie---that looks great:) I bet it will look awesome in your bathroom when it is all done. And your bathroom will have a little touch of character in it!

Kristie said...

Looks great!! I still can't wait to see the finished bathroom!!!!!! Thanks for the update.

Debi said...

I love the shelf! Can't wait to see it in the bathroom! Your are a cake and craft genious, Jessie! Hey, I just heard your mom is moving around....where is she just now?

Debi said...

Tell her she can't move!!! She's my visiting teacher!!!!! (She needed to get my permission, first!)

Jessica G. said...

Debi - sorry! They are staying here for a month and then...well, who knows!

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