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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Thursday was the last day we had to work! Yippeee!! We started to carefully plan our vacation, crossing off the things we had already done and adding a couple more that others had suggested. Super Dave left us that morning. He had to get back to the States for yet another show.

That evening, we decided that we had spent far too much time walking up and down the street of Little Lebanon. We decided to throw caution to the wind and head a different direction. Daring, I know, but we're like that when we've had too much European Coke. Oh, and London Survival Tip #4: Soda in Europe is weird and highly caffeinated. It also comes in smaller sizes and waiters will look at you funny if you ask for a refill.

So we turn right instead of heading straight and this is what we see:

THIS is what I imagined London would look like! THIS is what I saw on all those TV shows and movies! THIS is what we were missing when we went the other way! Just goes to show you...sometimes another direction is all you need.

Also, we had struggled to find a quaint English pub that resembled more a restaurant than a bar. Within 3 blocks, we found 5! And another restaurant - a real one, no bar - that we decided to eat at that night. I had a tasty Shepard's Pie (basically chili with mashed potatoes and cheese on top) while the Man enjoyed some English ribs (he said they were a little dry). We were so thrilled, we even ordered dessert. My normal-sized piece of chocolate cake was served in a bowl that was roughly half the size of the table. Good use of space, people.

On our way back, we passed a nice little market with a large display of fresh breads. This market would be invaluable, as it also was the first place we found to have Dr. Pepper; which, if you known the Man, is what flows through his veins. (Try diagramming that last sentence!)

We tried getting to bed at a decent hour. That shouldn't be so hard as there is virtually nothing on television. London Survival Tip #5: Don't worry about wasting time watching TV. There are only about 10 channels, half of which are in another language (and playing some sort of phone-in trivia game that we did not understand).

Get ready for the next post! Lots of pictures!


Amanda said...

I love this picture:) YEAH you finally found London! And you are making me want a Shepards pie......I haven't cooked a real meal in so long I am dying for it! I am actually sick of fast food and I never thought I'd say that!

Kristie said...

I am glad that you finally found the real deal!!! Hooray!! Sounds like a fun evening. I can't wait to see all the pictures in the next post!!

Emily said...

What!?! Nothing on TV? didn't you want to watch Doctor Who or Torchwood?

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