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Monday, June 4, 2007

FHE: Noah's Ark

It was an interesting day! We found out late Saturday night that my parents would arrive Monday afternoon, instead of the anticipated Tuesday evening. We were sooooo not ready. The day began with a frenzy of cleaning. We moved our Clean-Up Day from Saturday morning to this morning so the kids were busy putting away toys while I attacked the growing mounds of dishes in the kitchen. Also, I had promised da Boo and the Boy that I would take them to the swimming pool today. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that because of swimming lessons, the pool didn't open until 1:30, which would be putting it close to the Boy's naptime. Oh well! Sacrifices they must make in the name of fun. We headed to the pool, with only a couple hours before my parents arrived. Still, we liked it. Well, da Boo and I did. The Boy wasn't too sure about this whole getting-wet-for-fun thing. He doesn't even like baths, why would he voluntarily enter water and enjoy it? Grampa and Gramma Texas joined us for FHE this evening.

Opening Prayer: I was in charge, so I called on Gramma.

Opening Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. (That's right, the Boy was in charge of songs.)

Lesson: Da Boo wanted to give a lesson on Noah and his Ark. I found an old Ark picture made into a pocket from my Sunbeams teacher days. Then we printed out a set of matching animal pictures. Da Boo told us how Noah was a good guy so God asked him to build a big boat for the animals. Then he got all the animals (had to ask her "did he get ALL of them, or just two of each?") and put them on the boat while it rained on the naughty people. Then after lots of rain, God sent a huge, big rainbow (her words).

Next, we played a game with the animal pictures, Memory-style. Once a pair of animals was matched, the person who found them got to put them in the ark so they would be safe. Da Boo loved the game and wanted to play again.

Closing Song: Monkey See, Monkey Do (the Boy really needs to expand his repertoire).

Closing Prayer: Grampa.

Treats: The Man had treats and when he has treats, we usually head to Cold Stone. I don't know if this is a Utah thing but on Monday nights, they have a "Family" special, where you purchase a Love It or Gotta Have It size and get two free Kids' Kreations. Da Boo got mint with sprinkles and the Boy got chocolate with chocolate chips. Gramma and Grampa Texas split a Chocolate Devotion (chocolate ice cream, brownie, fudge and chocolate chips) while the Man and I shared chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cups, fudge and peanut butter combination. We all had messy faces, sticky hands and big smiles.

My parents are here while the Man and I take our trip to London (feel free to envy me). I've asked my mom to take over my blog while I am gone, so please be nice and leave her lots of comments, okay?


Amanda said...

WOW---When are you leaving?? I will LOVE to read posts from your mom if she is really going to do your blog (or was that a joke?) I hope not! I don't think our coldstone does any specials EVER. They are expensive too! P would never appreciate the ice cream enough to buy him one...HA, HA! He is happy with blubell! You know that is a UTah thing...or coldstone would not survive there:) I hope you have a great trip and don't miss your kids too much (I know I would!) And thanks for blogging even when you are very busy!

Emma said...

Your blog is so fun to read. Have a lots of fun in London!

The Slothower Family said...

Have fun in london. You will be missed here, but not by me cause I'll be in sunny MEXICO!!! I will miss you while I'm in mexico. have a safe trip.

Kristie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! I hope that you have a fantastic time in London!!!!! What a fun break!

Larry The Magnificent said...

Have fun in London! I hope my parents don't burn your house down while you are gone!

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - Serious. She's never used a blog before but she already has a really good story to tell!
Larry - I'm more concerned about the Boy running them into the ground...

Wendy said...

Two weeks in London. You're pretty lucky to have parents who'd cover you that long! Can you send them to my place when you get back???

Debi said...

Hey, I can talk to my visiting teacher that moved on me!!! I'm very excited. Donna, you didn't tell me good-by!!! I miss you! I got the mass e-mail from Sue saying you were gone. Natalie came to visit me the next day and she said she didn't know you had moved. Now, did you actually move or are you both just away for awhile but are eventually coming back? Anyway, I have a lot of enjoyment reading Jessie's blog and now I see above that LARRY has a blog. I want to know their blog address so I can check them out, too. This blog thing can take up a lot of time but it is very fun. Good luck taking care of DaBoo and The Boy while Jessie and her hubby have a fun vacation. You are a MUCH MUCH MUCH better grandmother than I am!

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