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Friday, June 8, 2007

Spot the Jessica

Hey, guess what?I'm in London!


We had several near-death experiences in the cab ride from the train station to our hotel, but other than that, and the SERIOUS jet lag I am fighting, it's just amazing. It is very green here and the most common house style is a row of several narrow townhouses built in dark red brick with cute little white-framed windows. The first pictures I took were out the hotel room window, as the view is quite spectacular. And it's kinda cool going to a place where *I* have an exotic accent. (Without having to fake it...remember that, Kelly?)

The plane trip to Ohio was fine, no problems. The trip to London, however, almost had me opening a big ol' can of whoopin' on the chick seated behind me who felt the need to constantly kick the back of my seat, while prattling on non-stop. Normally, I don't mind talkers because I like to eavesdrop (oh come on, you do, too) but she wasn't speaking a language I could understand. I would love nothing more than to go crawl into our tiny little London bed and fall asleep but I can't...gotta earn my keep, which basically consists of my sitting at a bank on laptops, trying to look like I belong there. And the conference hasn't started yet. Have I mentioned I'm tired Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I am here so you could all envy me (as if you don't already). Hopefully, you'll hear from my mom soon.

And I kinda miss my kids already.


Emily said...

I'm trying to decide if I’m jealous or not.
There are way too many people over there for me!
Now if you where in the country side I may have green eyes...but as it is...all those people!*shudders*

Kristie said...

I am glad that you made it safe and sound!! Where did you stop over in Ohio? (Just wondering since we are in the Cincinnati area) How long are you there for? Have a fun time and get some sleep soon!!

Amanda said...

I am really not jealous.....I don't really like to travel at all and love more than anything just to stay at home with a good meal.a good TV show, and a good book! Really that's my boring personality! Plus I couldn't leave my kid.....I would cry the whole time and have to fly right home! I know...we have an unhealthy attatchment ...but that's the way it is! But I didn't mean to be a downer....hope you have a great trip...and I can't wait to see all the pictures:)

Jessica G. said...

Ooooo...if you've ever been to London than you qould understand just how jealous you should be. It is so very awesome here tha I mus regularly pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming! And I am still working! We haven't even started on the fun stuff! My arms as going to be soooo bruised...

Debi said...

Jessie, I guess I missed something along the line. I didn't realize you were going to London (must have missed some days). Are you really working? I didn't know you had a job. Or is this a vacation? I'm going to be checking every day to check on your vacation fun and see if your mom posts anything. Tell her I posted something for her on the last blog.

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