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Friday, June 29, 2007

LONDON! Day 8: Trafalgar Square (And Roz)

While we were in another country, we were not alone. We had a trusty and knowledgeable (and fun) guide in Roz. Now, Roz is a distant relative of my mother's. So distant, in fact, that we're not sure we are even related. Nevertheless, Roz was willing to serve as our tour guide/boot camp instructor for the duration of our vacation.

After Westminster Abbey, we went back to the hotel to rest and unload the pictures on our camera. Then Roz met us in the lobby and off we went on an adventure!

We took the Tube to Trafalgar Square (my toe started to cry at the mere mention of the place). I got better pictures this time.

This lion was one of four that surrounded a tall pillar.

Then the Square has beautiful fountains and a courtyard, with the British Gallery in the background.

There is my handsome Man with the lovely Roz. I would have taken more picture but there was some sort of concert/protest forming so we didn't linger. One thing I will say: there were hardly any pigeons! Trafalgar Square used to be famous for the pigeons and the birdseed sellers ("tuppence a bag!") but the new London mayor decided it wasn't so much fun to have this place over-run with the winged vermin so he drove them out. Hardly any now. Not such a bad thing!

This is another site in Trafalgar Square. Pretty cool, huh?

From here, we crossed A Bridge.

This is A Bridge because I seem to have forgotten the name...perhaps Roz will read this post and be so kind as to remind me of it's name...

And then of course, I had to take a picture of the River Thames.

Roz had a full schedule of things for us to see and she set a fast pace. I have short legs. And I'm chubby. So it was a little difficult to keep up. She took pity on me and slowed down. But dinner was waiting...



Emily said...

I'm sad to see the same places you visited on the news.

Viking Vixen said...

Its the Jubilee Bridge Jessica

Jessica G. said...

Oh, yes! Now I remember the Jubilee Bridge! I knew it wasn't the Ladies' Bridge...no curves.

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