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Friday, June 15, 2007

Where did the time go!

Crazy Grandma here again. I thought it would be a breeze to add a word or two each day. But, let me tell you it is not! We are so tired by the time da Boo and the boy get down and settled at night that it is all we can do to drag ourselves to bed

We did make it to the mountains the other day, although it was after naps before we could get ourselves together enough. We headed up Provo canyon with our dinner and ate it next to the roaring Provo river in the park at Bridal Falls. What a spectacular place! There were other people there and we had to keep a sharp lookout for nut case teenage boys on the...um, they are not skate boards they are much larger and have become a real terror in parts of the city... and parks! Da Boo was not pleased about leaving, she wanted to play in the pond at the foot of the falls. Not knowing it was there we were not prepared. Seeking after dragonflys lead us down the hill and to the van.

The next day we worked on the Big Surprise for my darling daughter and her man. He may not be so excited about it, but we hope she is. Our plan is to complete it tomorrow as we told 'Niece there would be a Big Surprise when she come to dinner this next Sunday.

Today was filled with a shopping spree to buy a birthday present for the Under the Sea party this afternoon. Da Boo chose to dress appropriately in a shirt covered with pink fish. We were all in a happy mood so Crazy Grampa thought taking a lunch to a park would be a good idea. And it was! We found a great park with a covered picnic area and lots of thing to slide and climb on. The kidos had a fun time. Another mother and her 5 kids came along to enjoy the playground too. Da Boo gave her the low down on who we were and how the boy pooped his pants in the car. No secrets.

I walked da Boo to her party and said I would be back to get her when it was over. Well, a 1/2 hour before the party was sheduled to be over, the door bell rang and there stood da Boo. "The party's over" she said. We looked at each other and thought it strange. A minute later the phone rang and it was the Dad from the party wanting to know if da Boo made it home okay. An hour later the mother came by with the party bag and said da Boo mistook the end of a game for the end of the party. I think she'd just gotten tired and needed to get in out of the angry sun.

Oh, I forgot to tell you what happened last week. The first day of our parenting after da Boo got dressed I said "Let's make your bed". She was not going to do it no way! "the house fairy might come again" What? This kid loves the puzzle the house fairy brought last week. It wasn't until this morning that she would make her bed. In fact I'd pulled the comforter up one day and she wanted me to mess up the bed so it wouldn't look made!

Tomorrow is clean-up day, but things are looking good so it should be a short one. The boy wants things put where they belong so most things don't stay out of place long. Watch that dishwasher door or he will shut it while the bottom rack is still out. CRASH! After it is loaded he wants "the noise", that is to be started.

I heard that my darling daughter and her man were going to a pub that is 400 years old for dinner tonight. I hope it is one I know about and wanted her to see. It is my name after all. Her guide wouldn't tell me! Drat!

I don't have time to tell a story on my darling daughter, but you can ask her about her middle name Ants!

Goodnight, look what time it is!!!


Kristie said...

It sound like things have been very busy there!! The house fairy huh? Too cute!!! It sounds like everyone has been having a good time. Thanks for the update!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you are BUSY and having a lot of fun! I wish we had a mountain waterfall and pond to visit! All we get to do today is work on packing the garage! I have really enjoyed your blogs! Thanks for doing it even though those cute little kiddos wear you out!

Emily said...

Tell crazy Grandpa to stop giving them sugar! It will help! :P

Debi said...

I am so excited to hear from Crazy Grandma again!! Sounds like you are having fun!! Now that you know how to do this, why don't you start your own blog? We will "talk" more than we did when you were just down the street! I can't believe Da Boo walked home all by herself! Was it very far away? She is a smart little girl!

Emily said...

yeah about that...
I think I would have found it hard to be uh...polite and civil when I spoke with them seeking an explanation.

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