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Monday, June 11, 2007

Crazy Grandparents arrive

Well, my Darling Daughter asked me to add a few comments while she is gone and tell stories about her as a little kido. Yes indeed, I will be most happy to, not right now however.

We are just getting the hang of parenting little ones full time. Da Boo is one entertaining little lady. Her Crazy Grandpa thinks she can be just a bit bossy, mostly she is a sweetheart. Now the Boy is one happy kid. Except when he was told he couldn't have another glass of milk, then he ran screaming to his "time out" corner. Now why didn't I have one of these for my own darlings? Thinking about it, I can't see it having worked. I didn't have enough corners and yes, they all might have need to be in one at the same time!

Yesterday started out way too early with Da Boo and an ear ache. After some medication and drink she went back to sleep and slept until after 11:00. The boy got up on the wrong side of the bed. Believe me that is hard to do, his crib is against the wall. Crazy Grandpa got up hanging onto the wall while the room spun around him. Da Boo pretty much ate breakfast and lunch at the same time. The Boy wanted "Me Me" and his time out corner, so they went down for naps at 12:30 and so did Crazy Grandma!! The dizzies left Crazy Grandpa and after naps everyone was feeling somewhat better. Thank goodness 'Niece came for dinner! She got everyone in a good mood. With 'Niece and Crazy Grandpa working together they got the DVD working and we enjoyed the first part of "Cars".

For Family Home Evening tonight we sang Popcorn Popping and Little Purple Pansies, The Boy did a good job of saying the opening prayer-with just a little help from Crazy Grandpa. Then we had a lesson about our beautiful world and how Heavenly Father provided plants for us to eat. After that we went out to the prepared garden area and planted 4 tomato plants. Da Boo didn't like getting dirty, but she was undaunted and piled the dirt around the plants. Meanwhile The Boy stirred the water in the watering can and admired the strawberries that are turning red.

Tomorrow we have prepared to go to the mountains for a picnic. Da Boo no doubt will advise Crazy Grandpa on the route to take.

As soon as I get the hang of adding pictures they will appear.


Debi said...

Dear Crazy Grandma, It is SUPER to hear your voice again!! I love Jessie's blog. You are a great writer, too!! I have had so much fun reading about Jessica and her little family. I miss you! I didn't know you were going to leave me without saying goodbye! C-0-M-E BACK to T-E-X-A-S!!!

Jessica G. said...

Thanks for posting, Momma! And you did have a time out corner! In the living room, behind the couch. There were marks on the wall where we pressed our cheeks.

Thank you for planting tomatoes! We really appreciate that.

Amanda said...

WOW--you guys have been BUSY! I must admit I think you are great grandparents to do this:) I hope you guys get more sleep tonight and wake up better!!!! Thanks for blogging for our entertainment!

Kristie said...

It does sound like it is busy around there!!!! I hope that there are no more ear aches in store for you!! You guys are so nice to go and stay with the kids.

Jessica G. said...

And they are right...you guys are great grandparents!

Emily said...

and Crazy, don't forget that part!*kiss*

Viking Vixen said...

Yes Jessica, I have. The word is knackered not naggered. hahahahaha.
I miss walking them feet off you both.

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