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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

FHE: Pets

We've had pets on the brain here, lately. More specifically, fish. Da Boo got a 10-gallon fish tank for her 3rd birthday and we've had the same fish since: two orange tetras, a Chinese algae eater, and two guppies. One guppy died a few months ago. Then, while the Man was gone on business, I decided to get the kids something special, other than a toy. So I let them pick out fish. The Boy got a really cool-looking black guppy and da Boo got two of the speediest fish known to man (or at least to the poor kid who had to catch them). Her fish are neon yellow and are very small, called Glofish. We brought them home early last week and introduced them to our fish.

Early Saturday morning, while in denial of the fact that the kids are awake and out of bed, I was awakened by da Boo telling me that her Chinese fish was being silly, laying on it's side behind it's rock (it spends about 23 1/2 hours a day hiding inside said rock). Uh oh. It was dead. That night, the last original guppy lay at the bottom. Then the next morning, the new guppy wasn't moving. Not good. The surviving four fish seemed fine but would not swim in the top half of the tank. A call to the pet store assured us it was nothing that the new fish had spread to our tank, and that perhaps our tank needed fresher water. When the Man got home from work today, he set about changing the water and cleaning the tank. Seems like the algae eater hadn't been doing his job in his final days. So because this was going on and it was da Boo's turn to teach the lesson, she chose Pets. And she didn't want any help. And she drew her own picture.

It's a zebra. They can be pets, too, right?

Opening Prayer: the Boy was in charge of prayer and he wanted to say the first one. He's getting better at this but I still have to keep from giggling 'cuz it's too dang cute.

Opening Song: ABCs (I picked).

Lesson: Da Boo showed us the picture she had drawn of a zebra and announced that we were talking about pets.

Da Boo: Daddy, what are some things we should not do to our pets?
The Man: Well, we can feed them.
Da Boo: That's very good, Daddy, but I asked what we should not do.
(I am struggling not to laugh out loud)
The Man: Uh, then I guess we shouldn't be mean to them.
Me: and we shouldn't kick them.
Da Boo: Good job, Mommy. (and she pats my knee...I lose it and spend the next minute gasping for air!)

We continue to go back and forth on what isn't nice and what is nice until da Boo deems the lesson to be over. I think we all learned something.

Closing Song: B-I-N-G-O

Closing Prayer: when asked who should say the closing prayer the Boy shouts out his sister's name. She couldn't have been more thrilled.

Treats: The Man was in charge of treats so we had his favorite thing (next to me and his Wii), milkshakes.

Then we get everyone upstairs and ready for bed. And da Boo forgets to feed her fish.


Heather said...

Yeah Jessica, stop kicking your fish.

Kristie said...

Too cute!! Weston gave our lesson last night on Pioneers!! He got the stories of the pilgrims and the Pioneers a little intertwined, but it was still good!!! I love the pet zebra!!! She drew a great picture.

Amanda said...

so adorable! Your FHE's always make me laugh!!!!!! I wish I was there with ya Da Boo and the boy sound quite fun!

Emma said...

You and your kids are too funny. I love reading the stories.

Debi said...

What a sweet post. You will be glad you wrote this down one day....

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