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Friday, July 20, 2007

LONDON! Day 10: Tower of London Torture Chamber

Okay, Amanda, you might not want to read today's post...just warning ya.

Near the infamous Queens' House, is the Bloody Tower. Aptly named. It also houses the Torture Chamber.

Looks kinda creepy, huh?

Scavenger's Daughter. A Person is basically folded down so their thighs are against their chest and their shins against their thighs, then they are clamped into that position by this device. Can you see the faint white outline of what a person would look like during this torture? Said to be one of the most effective means. I believe it! I don't think I could even manage to get into this position!

The Rack. Obviously. A person is tied with their wrists at the top and their ankles at the bottom. The large wheel is then cranked, pulling the ropes up on the wrists and down on the ankles, stretching the prisoner. And it doesn't make make you any taller.

Manacles. As seen in the movies "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "Shrek 2." A prisoner is hung by their wrists. Wrecks havoc on wrist and shoulder joints. A favorite for torturing the Catholic prisoners during a conflict with the Catholic Church (those Popes...so stuffy, won't condone adultery and such).

What? Why am I showing this lush green lawn with those picturesque houses along with devices of torture? Because these are called the Queen's House and that lovely lawn is the Tower Green, the site of the official executions (beheading) done at the Tower. There was a rather nice monument here but the site is currently under construction, in anticipation of a new monument, I suppose.

Okay, someone go tell Amanda that the worst is over...my next post should be safe.


Steve Whitley said...

I read it .....I just tried not to imagine it or think about it at all! I need all the happy uplifting thoughts I can get right now! That is a pretty lawn though. And that is something I can really appreciate!

Steve Whitley said...

That was amanda--oh and by the way I got goosebumps from you posting my name at the top and linking me! I felt VERY important....ha! doesn't take much!

Kristie said...

Yuck! I don't think that I will go there if I ever get to visit London!!!

Debi said...

To be perfectly honest, I didn't realize anyone was ever ACTUALLY tortured with all those things in Princess Bride. I have lead a rather sheltered life, wouldn't you say?

Emily said...

When you held still could you feel the tragedy seeping from the stones? Was the memory of screams of agony and despair in the air?
I don’t know that I would do well on a tour there. I would probably keep crying and raging at the poor tour guides and workers “How can this have happened?!”

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