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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have a serious dilemma. I really just don't know what I should do. Can you help me? The situation is difficult.

You can see the problem, can't you? That's a pan of delicious, fudgey brownies. They even have chunks of chocolate in them. Absolutely heaven! But isn't the problem obvious? Look at them. They are uneven. I was too hasty cutting out a portion to share with a friend and look what I did! Unacceptable! What to do? I suppose I could use that handy knife and just...trim them up a little. No one would notice. The evidence of my actions is easy to erase. And really, eating more brownie is a small price to pay for sanity. I can't think straight knowing I have crooked brownies in the house! Pretty soon, I'll have an uneven number of Diet Coke cans and we just can't have that, either.

Tip: Use a plastic knife to cut brownies. The gooey goodness won't stick to the plastic like it will to ordinary knives.

And we're all sick...again. Except for the Man. He's safe in California on a business trip. Out of reach of these germs. I got it first. Started as a sore throat and moved into the sinuses. Da Boo got it yesterday and the Boy has the goopy nose today. And there's not another adult around to let me take a nap while the kids spit out their medicine and whine non-stop.

Somebody ought to make it a rule that colds are not permitted during the summer. Seriously, they should be illegal.


Amanda said...

:( MAN....Summer colds are horrible! They sneak up on you. B/c I never think we should get a cold in the summer....that's what the winter is for! I am sorry you are all alone with 2 sick kiddos:( Here's to hoping you can drug them with some good medicine and maybe they will take a nap:)

Kristie said...

What is it with being sick?!! Who knows. I hope that you and your kids get to feeling better soon and that your hubby gets home soon to take care of all of you!!!!

Heather said...

The brownie dilema? Blame ants and finish the pan already.

Rupper Family said...

I thought the problem was that you'd baked a full pan of brownies and that was all that was left when your husband came home. I have a pan with a little less in it in my kitchen. I blame it on the kids but keep the pan hidden in the microwave so the kids don't bogart my brownies.
Yeah, I'm gonna be maxing out my kangaroo pouch pants indefinately!

Emily said...

Make my Magic Tea and eat the small one. You'll feel better, trust me.

(Maybe good enough to eat the others LOL)

Emma said...

I never knew you were obsessive compulsive but I should have known when it comes to chocolate! I am sorry you are sick.

Debi said...

Get Well Soon!!!!
Hang in there......

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