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Friday, March 30, 2007

I Am A Groupie

Okay, so last night I got to see this band...it was really great and the music is nice and all but oh my, the drummer is HOT! He was totally making me swoon! And even though there were 100 people there, I know he was playing just for me - even if he couldn't see me. I tried taking a picture but after one shot, my camera died. So do you want to see this fantastically gorgeous drummer? But I warn you...

The Man has played percussion in a community orchestra called Wasatch Winds for about a year now. Last night he played bells, timpani and crash cymbals (and probably at least one other instrument I can't spell). He really likes it and I like watching him play. The kids like it, too, as long as I have enough fruit snacks for them. This was their fourth concert. I think they are really good, but then again, I know nothing about music and am tone deaf. :)


Amanda said...

Wow what a talented man you have!!!! And your kiddos must be so well behaved to sit through a concert!!!!!!!

Kristie said...

Sounds like fun!! I bet that my kids would love to go to a band concert!!! They all love music!!! I bet that it was a good concert!

Amanda said...

I posted a comment.....did it not get to you???

Jessica G. said...

Sorry...I have been really busy over the weekend and haven't checked my email, which, for me is like a stock broker not checking the market.
Thanks for commenting!

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