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Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome to Family Home Evening (AKA: WRESTLEMANIA!)

Tonight, we had a quick dinner, then the kids were sent into the living room to pick up toys and set up the chairs for Family Home Evening. Here is how it went:

Song: da Boo pouts because we can't think of any good animal songs ("But, Mommy, we sang Old MacDonald last week!") so we decide to sing Kookaburra.

Prayer: Daddy's turn.

Lesson: The Boy's turn. This ought to be interesting...A couple weeks ago, he came home from Church with paper cut outs telling the story of Noah's Ark. The lesson consisted of me telling the general story, letting the Boy show the corresponding pictures of Noah and a rain cloud, etc. Then, when it came time for the animals, I would hold up a picture and he would name the animal or make the corresponding noise. Then he would tuck the picture into the Ark (foam plate cut in half and stapled together). Some of the animals da Boo had to help with (what noise, exactly, does a turtle make?). We end with the birds and the rainbow. All are spiritually uplifted, I am sure.

Song: BINGO (This one goes over BIG TIME...I have a feeling I'll be singing this for the next several days).

Prayer: By default, the Man gets to do it again.

Activity: The kids are not adjusting to the time change (we had breakfast at 11am this morning) so the Man thought he would try and wear them out. It started out throwing balls back and forth to the kids. At some point, one child jumped on him and of course the other one had to join in and soon we had WRESTLEMANIA!

Treats: Cadbury Mini-Eggs all around! (I was in charge of those, of course!)


Amanda said...

MINI-EGGS!!!!! My FAVORITE!! I am serious...do not give me a bag of those! I have no self-control with mini eggs.....I am pretty sure there is some addictive drug put in those:) Your FHE is too funny!! LOVE it:) LOL! Keep it up I need to laugh more:)

Kelly said...

Is the Boy giving his daddy a pile driver?

Emily said...

Looks like Sunday afternoons when we where kids! Remeber Jess?

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