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Monday, March 12, 2007

Jeepers Creepers, Look at Them Peepers!

Da Boo finally got new glasses! Yippppeee!! No more old glasses! No more digging out the super glue to glue an arm back on five minutes before preschool starts! No more wrapping wire around the arms to keep them from spreading too far! No more weekly jerry-rigging sessions so her glasses will stay on! WooooOOWHOOOOOO!!!

And now for your viewing pleasure, da Boo will model her new frames.

The new ones have silver rims and then a cute, sparkly-pink arm. The sparkles don't show on film, unfortunately. She was being a little shy about taking pictures. I had to bribe her with reading her new library book before she would smile.


Amanda said...

How cute:) She is a cutie!!!! How old is she now??? What room is she in.....it looks like it is painted cute:)

Jessica G. said...

She is in her room, standing on her bed, actually. This is the Princess' room. On the wall opposite her bed is a castle and then on another wall is an enchanted forest, complete with Unicorn. I think I will cry the day she wants to redecorate.

Debi said...

You have one cute little DaBoo there!! She is just precious!! Why don't you post a picture of the walls in the bedroom???

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