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Sunday, March 4, 2007

March Forth!

I have beening driving the Man crazy and keeping him up late at night talking. The reason I keep talking is because I really, really want to take a class! Surely by now I would have worn down all resistance and he would give in to my whims. It's not that easy. The problem: I don't know what class to take!

Wilton has a new cake decorating class with gum paste and fondant (fondant and I aren't currently on speaking terms). Maybe ceramics (lots of special tools), maybe a foreign language (I would love to learn Esperanto but I don't have the time something like that would require). My desire to take a class has gotten so bad that I have signed up for nearly all of the HFPE classes through the church, even the cooking one! I don't cook!

So help me here, people! What kind of class can I take that will last long enough to satisfy the need to learn (longer than 4 weeks) but doesn't take me out of the home too long. And doesn't require a lot of unique/expensive tools or supplies. And you don't have to be really smart to do. And I can do with one arm. Any suggestions?


Amanda said...

Hummmm....I like the March Forth title!! Did you get that from family fun magazine?? I really don't have any ideas.....except I think you should be TEACHING a cake decorating class for HFPE. Personally I choose not to enrich myself and would rather just stay home and read a book or watch all the ER re-runs that I tape everyday!!! Ha,ha! SO I am not a good person to ask....I would much rather take that cake decorating class though then a foreign language......that sounds way too much like going back to college...and I would not choose to do that!!!

Kristie said...

Hmmm... I don't know. I think that I would go for the cake class myself. I am all for something that I would use, like the cake class. I think that a gardening class or something like that would be interesting too!! I think that I am the wrong person to ask though.

Debi said...

How about something that you can use in your home like learning how to arrange flowers (or did you work at the florist with Amanda?)

Jessica G. said...

Well, actually, I got it from my sister, Lyn, when she got married a while ago, she and her husband wanted to be married on Mar 4 because of the significance of the name, new beginnings and carry on. But the 4th was a Sunday, so they married the day before, on the 3rd. But I did see that article in Family Fun! I love that magazine!

Emily said...

Funny you should mention this! I'm on strike! (okay I'm trying to be on strike, I'm burned out) I gave Shawn such a guilt trip over me not getting and anniversary or Valentines Day that he said he wants me to take a class! He actually looked into them for me! He found that the Ute Museum is giving several this month and I get to pick one, he'll rearrange his schedule and take the kids so I can learn Peyote bead style! I have tried and failed several times to teach myself out of books.
I say go for the fondant class and challenge yourself!

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