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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Won't Power

Here's a quote from my Chocolate Calendar yesterday:

"Will power is easy.
It's the Won't power that
throws most of us."

Amen! I am having a little bit of trouble strengthening the Won't power. I have this in the fridge. Then there's this on the counter. And I am fresh out of celery and whole bran and twigs...you know, the healthy alternatives.



Amanda said...

Man...if I lived close by I would come and visit all the time:) And eat your YUMMY desserts!

Amber said...

Dude, dieting here! Stop schlepping the treats.

Rupper Family said...

can we move back in together??? PLLLLLEEEEEASE?

Kristie said...

Yum, Yum!! You know it isn't fair to post things like that when I can't eat them don't you?!!! J/K! You are a wonderful cook!!!!!

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