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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Knack

I have distressing news about my son...but I can't find the words...watch this video:

Sure, he takes things apart like any normal kid. But he's figured out the door locks! His sister doesn't know how to do that! And he can operate the DVD. He's not even three years old yet! There's just no hope...he has the Knack.

I blame his father.


Amanda said...

LOL! boys are good at those things:) Wait until he is taking the hinges off your doors!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Our thunderous one blows up electronics when he is upset!
Too bad he and yours get on so well. They may try to take over the world!:)

Kristie said...

Funny! Doors are the worst!! The handles on our doors are the lever kind and thank goodness Aaron can't open those with the cover things on them!!!!! Boys take things apart! It is in their nature! :) That is why no one gets real tools at our house but me! (oh and Barth too) Just the play ones over here!!!!! :)

Emma said...

The video was hilarious! Sorry the boy understands his endowment of the Knack so well. When Michael was little he took the door handles of the doors, repeatedly.

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