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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Difference Between Boys & Girls - Television Edition

We have a new member of the family.

If you look closely, you can see the behemoth just barely peek over my son's head. Yeah. It's that big. That's what I get for making the Man wait so long to get a new television and then telling him to "just get what you want."

When the Man first set it up, both kids watched earnestly, peeking over his shoulder. Then he turned it on. And here's how girls and boys are different...again.

Da Boo started to cry, insisted she didn't want to watch television at all, and immediately went to the furthest portion of the house.

The Boy, however, was memorized. He stood, slack-jawed and staring...when he finally spoke, he didn't take his eyes from the screen but said "Watch movie, Daddy? Watch movie right here?"

I think he's in love.


Pineapple Princess said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by AND leaving a comment. Thought I would return the courtesy.

You have a darling blog.

I'm scared for our next tv. You know, next year when they switch over and I'll have a house full of useless tvs, what'll I do? Too bad I can't melt them down like gold and make one giant one like yours!

Little Boo might change mind if there is a princess movie on.

Kelly said...

WOW, look at the size of your TV. The Boy looks so happy (love his glasses btw). Poor Boo, maybe she will come to like the TV if her favorite show/movie is on. That is, if the Man gives her a chance to watch it.
Brett is getting a projector to hook up to his computer when we finally move to the new house. (One more week until closing.)

Heather said...

Costco? Best Buy?

I have such a testimony of big TVs and the love and peace they bring a marriage.

Long live the behemoth.

Oh, and after consulting with the mother of the other girl who lost a tooth to make sure "our fairies" matched, we settled on 4 shiny quarters (taken from the car). AND the silly tooth fairy left gave her the money then "put" the tooth under MY pillow causing me much "neck aches" and a little game for Abbie in the morning of find the tooth.

Jen said...

The Boy is such a cutie. I am definatily not showing Jason this blog. He wants a new big TV and an Iphone. He says its not fair because I got the washer & dryer I wanted and maybe a new couch in the not so far future...I told him he is getting a lawn mower. Can't he just be happy with a new lawn mower? What is it with guys TVs & electronics?

Anna Maria Junus said...

Love the TV and I'm a girl.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.

jeneflower said...

We have a TV like that. Watching movies on the big screen while sitting at home is fun. My kids love it the best out of the TVs, but it is in our bedroom, so we are always shooing them out.

Robyn said...

Im not gonna lie, I have a hard time watching tv on anything but the big screen! But men are obsessed! It kills me!

Amanda said...


Emma said...

We got a new TV too, looks a lot like yours. I still give Michael a hard time about it if he says anything about my spending. The TV is great but the price, not so great! I should probably shut up about it and let there be harmony in our marriage, oh and a really good resolution on movies!

Kristie said...

That is one BIG TV!!!!! Don't let Barth know....he thinks he is doing good to have a 32 incher here since I am not that big on TV!!! :) By the way, I love your comment up there on the leave a comment part!!!!!!!!!

BkenneyBme said...

Whoa, that's big. Has da Boo come to terms with it yet?

BkenneyBme said...

PS (to the previous post)...I got the book from the library, and yes, I am painting ALL the cielings.

Emma said...

Your son is stinkin cute. If you get sick of him I will take him, so cute. I just want to kiss his cheeks. As I mentione earlier we have a big TV too.

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