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Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Resolve...

I am sure that you all (all eight of you) have been on pins and needles waiting to read about New Year's Resolutions. First, mine. Why? Because this is MY blog!

At dinner on New Year's Eve, we talked about making resolutions. We explained them to the kids as making a promise to do better at something.

The Man decrees he shall lose weight (I don't want him to because it will just make me look bigger so I'm going to start giving him whole milk...hehehehe).

Da Boo decided she wants to be better at playing with toys. That's not a bad idea! The Man might want to consider this one! After a little more thought, she said she was going to try to not be as whiny. (Hallelujah!)

The Boy is determined to learn to use the potty, as it means he will get to wear the spiffy underwear he got for Christmas. This might have to do with the fact that he gets candy (tootsie rolls are the current favorite) as rewards for staying dry. I've already stocked up on carpet cleaner.

And me. I resolve to keep a cleaner house. I used to be fairly decent at this - hey, why are you laughing?? No, really, I was! I used to follow Flylady's guidelines and kept the house in presentable order. Then came the whole happy pills issue and I fell off the bandwagon, rolled three times and hit my head. I'm feeling better now...

Now it's your turn...
Amber says she will eat less, exercise more, get more spiritual and keep a clean house (Hey, Amber? Check out FlyLady!). Oh and she will have lunch with me. And really? Shouldn't we all resolve to do that?
Kristie is going to post resolutions...(and now she has!)
Kamille sounds like she has a good plan! I am looking forward to hearing the snorting.
Amanda's big resolutions involve birthing a child. Hey, that sounds good! Add that to my list!
Emma has some absolutely fabulous resolutions! Let's hope she posts them when she sees this.
Heather has her New Year's Resolution up and is going to make me some french toast on those pretty plates! Just kidding...unless you really want to...
Jess H. resolves to lose her Big Tummy. But I saw you at church today, Jess, and my tummy can kick your tummy's skinny behind. Wait, that sounds weird...
Lindy and her girls have made their resolutions. I think among them should be "help Jessica redecorate her house" because Lindy's house is so pretty and put-together! Mine? Not so much. Brooke posted her resolutions, too. She wants to have more FHE's (obviously because mine are so very cool and organized and the kids are so very well-behaved...).

And if you leave me your link, I'll still add it. Unless I don't know you...cuz then that would just be weird.


Lindy said...

Sorry I didn't post mine earlier--they're on my blog. I decided my resolutions were really the same as my children's: to do more fun things, and to play with "daddy" (Nate and I need to go have fun sans kids). I think I've set my resolution bar just low enough to be achieveable (is that a word?) :)

Amanda said...

:) I liked reading yours:)

Kristie said...

Great Resolutions. I guess that I need to post mine. Maybe I'll make that a resolution!!!! :)

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