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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Pills

Ever since my freaking out about the Alpine Slide, I decided it was time to talk to the doctor again. When the Boy was an infant, I started taking "happy pills" (prescribed by a doctor and perfectly legal, of course) that helped me think rationally and kept me from blowing a gasket over simple things (like oncoming traffic or odd beeping noises). Said pills are also not conducive to producing a healthy baby so when the baby hungries hit, I stopped taking the pills. I thought I'd be fine. Surely my panic attacks were over and I could function as a normal person. Yeah, that's not exactly what happened.

After the last "vacation," I called the doctor. He said to take my happy pills and when I was pregnant, then stop taking them. Bless him! Some interesting side effects of my happy pills: the chronic pain in my shoulder is lessened, my dreams aren't nearly as interesting, I wake up several times a night but fall back asleep almost immediately, I get really tired during the day. So the shoulder thing is rather nice but I miss sleeping. Yesterday, I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Luckily, I had some in-house babysitting so I laid down "for just a minute." Woke up an hour later. Felt better for a while. Come 10 pm, I was yawning and feeling drowsy again. Even chugging a can of Diet Pepsi isn't saving me. It's annoying being this tired!

Any tips on keeping awake, other than using duck tape to keep my eyelids open?


Kristie said...

Sorry Jess!! No good suggestions here!!! I take every opportunity to nap. :) That is one thing that I will MAJORLY miss when I have this baby. Sleep!! Right now I have the cushy life~ we have a 3 hour nap time that I take full advantage of every day!!! :) I am such a slacker, I know, but I love my naps!!!

Amanda said...

First I have to say KRISTIE---HOW in the world do you get your kids to take 3 hour naps???? Or even stay in their rooms that long??????

Jessie----I don't know how to stay awake! I have those same issues and I don't have a Happy pill!!! Keep moving and eat a snack:)

Kristie said...

Sorry Jessie, just had to respond back to Amanda.... Aaron is a GREAT napper and usually takes at least a 3 hour nap each day. Brian still lays down for a nap at the same time. Most days he sleeps about an hour to an hour and a half and then wakes up and reads books until I tell him it is time to get up!! Brian is my worst napper actually. Aaron and Weston both took great naps!! (Weston took 2 two hour naps until he was way past 2) This summer we had resting time every day and even Weston stayed in his room and read books until I said resting time was over. Nap time is MY time!!! I don't think that I could survive the day without a break!!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Kristie - I totally agree with the Nap time as My time! I have da Boo take quiet time, even though she doesn't sleep anymore. Still, I need the break! This is when I usually have a cold drink and relax for a little bit before tackling laundry or some other domestic task.

Amanda said...

Man...you are lucky Kristie:) I do quiet times sometimes....but he would NEVER stay in there for 3 hours:)

Amber said...

Moms get tired. That's why movies were invented. We have movie time and I'll lay on the couch and doze while my kids watch. Generally my middle two will also fall asleep. :) I love my naps too!

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