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Monday, August 13, 2007

Shirts and Ski Slopes

Ask me why I am wearing a different shirt than I was five minutes ago. Go ahead, ask! It's because I was peed on. With pee! Seriously, this hasn't happened since the Boy was an infant. He is so not going to an Ivy League college with this kind of attitude.

Back to the vacation.

Day #2 we packed a lunch and headed up the mountain to the local ski slopes. No, you didn't mis-read that. And no, there wasn't any snow. The idea was to ride the gondola up to the ski lodge, have a picnic lunch and then maybe take a short hike around the area. Sounds lovely, right? Well, remember how this vacation didn't go as planned? This is what happened: lightning. Apparently, lightning is very attracted to the large metal poles (and why wouldn't it be attracted? Those poles are so slender and pretty) that hold up the gondolas and such. So no go. No problem. We can adapt. We had lunch at the base of the gondola, in the patio area of a closed restaurant (not the busy season, remember?) and that was fun.

By the time we finished the Doritos, they had reopened the gondola. Yippee!
The Boy celebrated the contraption's reopening by immediately filling his diapers. Boo!
I neglected to pack an extra diaper. BOO!
But, hey! This time I remembered the camera! Yippee!

We sent da Boo up the mountain with her cousins. The Man ran (literally, because with a load like this, you cannot afford to wait around) back to the van and returned with diapers and extra wipes (he's so very smart). Now with clean pants, we stepped onto the gondola to join the rest of the family.

I'll talk about the hike tomorrow but now, it's PICTURE TIME!

Looks like they're having fun, right? That's because I am trying to distract them from what's out the window:

Yikes! Don't look down! The Man said he could see the condo from here. I think he was lying.


Kristie said...

Such a CUTE picture of your kiddos!!!!!!!! I love the view even if it is high up.

Dana said...

Come visit my site to see what you have won! :)


Debi said...

The Boy is SO Springer!!! That T-Shirt is the cutest thing, too!! Those kids of yours are adorable (I have to say it again!). Hey, I like the little man (oops...woman...walking over here on the right side of your blog! I can't wait to see how you do on your walking challenge!)

Amanda said...

That view looks AWESOME!!!! And your kiddos look picture perfect:) Now that you put that walking challenge on your blog you REALLY have to do it!!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Did the little walking ticker in part so I would be more motivated to walk. If you don't seem him moving, be sure to hassel me, k?

Jessica G. said...

And I won earrings from Dana! Go check out her jewelry! Very pretty stuff!

Rupper Family said...

Jess, your girl is a little you- and your son looks just like his Daddy-they're miniatures of you guys-so cute!!!

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