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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another One!

Because you can never have enough of the Simpsons...

This one I made myself at the website linked above. The hair isn't right but I like the shirt!

And I am going on vacation this weekend. A real honest-to-goodness vacation, with agendas and no working and free access to indoor plumbing. Ahhhhhhhh...it's will be so nice. We're headed to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with my oldest brother and his family. We leave Sunday and get back Friday night. I'll probably post at least one more time before I leave but can't guarantee that there will be Internet connection while away. Won't have a guest blogger this time so if you're missing me (and really, how could you not?) just check out one of the blogs I frequent.


Kristie said...

Oh no!! I will miss your posts! Have a great time though!!!!!

Amanda said...

Man ...I need a vacation! can you believe Steve and I have not been on vacation ANYWHERE the entire 9 years we have been married???!!! HORRID....isn't it??? Oh wait we took ONE camping trip on our 1 year anniversary...But If I have to stay in a screened shelter and walk up the hill to a potty I don't count that as vacation!

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