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Monday, August 20, 2007

Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny!

So as part of my cure for the blues, I spent some money. I originally justified the expense as a really early birthday present for myself. Then, once the weekend hit, I decided it was money well spent. This is what I bought. Gorgeous, isn't it?

What is it about jewelry? The guys don't get all wide-eyed when we present them with new keychains and they certainly don't drool over the displays of beltbuckles. So why do those blessed with two X chromosomes do ga-ga over gemstones? I think it has to be with the "spoiling" factor. I like to say that I'm not spoiled just well taken care of. But don't we just love getting spoiled by our beloveds? Open that little velvety box (they don't make those for sports tickets!) and seeing what's inside...I just love surprises! Once, my mom was being all sneaky trying to find out my ring size just before Christmas. I thought I was getting a CTR ring, because I had just purchased one for a friend and had commented to my parents how much I would like one. So when my mom gave me a small ring box for Christmas, I was excited but I was pretty sure I already knew what it was (I'm not so subtle about letting potential gift-givers know exactly what I want). Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find - not a turquoise CTR emblem - but a gold ring set with sapphires and diamonds! Sapphires are my birthstone. I still have that ring and I still smile whenever I think about opening that box.

What was the last piece of jewelry someone gave you?


Amanda said...

I am so not a Jewelry person:( I must not be a normal girl! I LOVE the way it looks I just don't like to fuss with it and wear it! Crazy ...HUH???

Kristie said...

Very fun!! I am glad that you are feeling better and you got some pretty jewlry to boot!!!

Debi said...

The year that Steven and Kristie were married Mike got me car mats for Christmas. The new daughter/son in-laws all just looked at the gift thinking, wow, I can't believe he got her that! I didn't mind it at all....just that they thought it was weird. So, the next year (to vindicate himself) Mike bought me a diamond neclace (not a huge one, but pretty). I wore it a number of times but somehow within the year, I misplaced it or lost it or something. I never did find it. I am not a jewelry person either (just like Amanda). I don't deserve to be given nice jewelry because I don't appreciate it and can't keep track of it for some reason. I don't think I'm a girl, either! I've always been a little off beat and non-traditional....

Emma said...

I bought a pretty necklace for my last birthday. I am too picky to let other peolpe pick jewlery out for me. The last jewlery Michael bought for me was 2 pair cz marque earrings. He got exactly what I wanted. (I loose earrings frequently, hence cz and 2 pair) I also picked out my own wedding ring. I like jewlery but I don't wear it much any more because I have no where to wear it. I don't leave the house much other than to go shopping or to work out.

Emily said...

I used to bedeck my self in silver.
I’d have many bracelets on both wrists and multiple necklaces, usually with dragons and crystals on them. I have a neck lace that I made in high school and still wear everyday. I would have all nine of my ear piercing gleaming with silver hoops and studs and dangles and even an ear cuff or two.
Used to.

Last fall I realized I didn’t have any earrings that matched that I could really wear. I have several earrings from my grandmother and great grandmother’s collections, not really daily wear. So when Christmas came and went without a new pair I bought myself my own. I bought large silver hoops that are inset with little cz on one side and a pair of sparkling dangles for dressing up.
I love how it can change how I feel about me for the day when I get up and dressed, put on my make up (just eye liner and lipstick), and then fix my hair and put in my earrings.
I have to stick with earrings because my rings have a tendency to have the prongs wear out and start catching things. My Love had given me a beautiful emerald ring for my birthday, but within a few months of my gardening, animal care and such the poor prongs began to snag. One of these days I may take my three real gem rings into a jeweler and see if they can be fixed. Till then it’s a plain gold band, necklace I made, and my earrings.
I wonder if I still have any bracelets hanging around that need to be worn?
I could use a change.

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